Confusion about Tom Bradys Future: After “ESPN” announces the end of the impressive career of the star quarterback and even the NFL had appreciated your figurehead already on the homepage, now other messages make the round.

Only the headlines raced to the retirement of Tom Brady, then everything was suddenly very different. the GOAT truly circuit or he remains the NFL maybe get power?

This question can not be answered conclusively (yet), but it suggests at least much attention to a suicide.

Sure is currently only that nothing is clear. Because after the well-informed generally channel “ESPN” had put the message into the world, there were rows of reactions – including denial.

“Thanks for everything, Tom,” told about the National Football League with at Twitter. Wait for the moment, first, it was said, mutatis mutandis, from the camp of the all-time greats.

career-ending of Tom Brady? Tampa Bay Buccaneers “know nothing”

“I understand the speculation about Tom’s future,” stated the manager Don Yee. His client would “be the only one who will bring his plans with absolute clarity the term” but. This passing “soon.” Previously, Tom Brady already had sr. clarified that the final decision of the Son was not yet fallen.

Command back it said it for Brady’s company. “TB12 NFLs” put out a tweet had been acknowledged in the basic data of the unique career. “Thanks for everything, Tom Brady,” stood there too.

And his club, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? “We do not know anything,” head coach Bruce Arians said among other things “The Athletic”.

With the team from Florida Brady had last year its seventh Super Bowl ring brought in the very first attempt – after six with the New England Patriots.

Tom Brady “in a row with Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali or Pele”

Now it is probably less about “whether” but rather about the “when”. Of course, the living legend wants to tell himself that after 22 years is closing.

It’s about communication Highness, perhaps for the chance to do something more fanfare. Quite possible that the quarterback his opponent and former opponents before the Super Bowl, not the spotlight will take.

he goes, then comes the best who ever played the game. “No one could do better,” tweeted the NFL. Companion bowed, and Sebastian Vollmer. “He stands for me in a row with Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali and Pele – even if that is NFL across all types of difficult,” said Brady’s former teammate the “SID”. With Vollmer took him twice the title of superstar wrote the foreword of his book later.

career-ending Tom Brady in NFL appears close

Brady is a NFLs icon of the United States, there are hardly any records, it does not hold. It was famous as a phenomenal game manager with the perfect feeling for the moment. His incredible fitness into advanced athletes age was more than amazing.

The five-time super bowl and three times NFL-MVP (valuable player) will probably retreat for the time being for the time being. He is married to Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, the couple has two children aged eight and eleven years. From a previous relationship Brady has a son.

In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, the Bucs failed last after another madcap chase in Brady-style to the Los Angeles Rams (27:30).

BREAKING: Tom Brady Retires after 22 Seasons

After From the quarterback was lost in thought sneaked out of the arena. The last day of madness career seems close.