Vanguards Whitley is one of the heaviest LMGs, which are offered in Warzone Pacific – but that does not mean that it is a bad weapon. What is missing to mobility does he make up with sheer damage yield. This LMG beats hard and is perfectly positioned with the correct attachments to dominate the Warzone Meta. Due to its design, it may feel a bit older than others offered LMGS, but here is the best Whitley Warzone PC player 24, which there is.

Without attachments, Whitley has the highest damage per shot when it comes to Vanguard’s LMGS. With the right essays, this loss of damage can be improved and the Whitley can crack shields and kill enemies in no time. His lack of mobility is a continuous theme – but that can still be improved. It will feel awkward, but it is manageable and a worthwhile compromise.

Setting up the right loadout is crucial if you want the Whitley to be a practicable option. In the right hands it is brutally effective and with the right supporting equipment and the right advantages it is one of the best options in Warzone Pacific. We have everything you need about the knowledge Best Whitley Warzone PC Player 24 .

Best Whitley Warzone PC Player 24

Here is the Best Whitley Warzone PC player 24 just out there.

  • Snout: G28 Compensator
  • Barrel: 28 “Gracey Mk. 9
  • Optics: Mk. 3 reflector
  • Share: CGC R4
  • underflow: Carver front handle
  • Magazine: .30-06 45 Round Magazine
  • Munition: FMJ rounds
  • Rear handle: Leather handle
  • Advantage 1: Feat
  • Advantage 2: fully charged

There are many mounting facilities for the Whitley, but ‘Thekoreansavage’ – a trusted name when it comes to Warzone weapons structures – has already put together a devastating construction for this LMG.

The Whitley is a power at the moment, with which you have to count in Warz1. This structure is more based on the natural strengths of Whitley than on its weaknesses, but attachments such as the CQC R4 shaft and the Leather Grip back handle contribute to overcome these weaknesses.

In addition, the G28 Compensator estuary and the Carver ForeGrip underflow should help you to cope with the occurring fire. The Whitley may not be the fastest shooting LMG, but it still has a recoil that needs to be mastered to keep it viable on larger distances.

To round off the whole, TheKoreansavage has decided to add FMJ Rounds ammunition to this Whitley Warzone PC Player 24. After the Warzone Pacific Season 2-Update, which weakened both extended and fire ammunition, FMJ rounds develop into an important part of the next Warzone Meta. This option increases the penetration damage of Whitleys, which is already decent – you can race, but you can not hide.

Whitley Warzone PC Player 24 Secondary

The Whitley is a powerful primary weapon, but also one of the slowest options available. For this reason, you need a secondary weapon that can cover this heavy LMG – you do not want to get into a clamp.

For this reason, we recommend that you take a fast firing SMG with your Whitley – Vanguards PPSH and the Owen Gun are both fantastic options. Both weapons will break enemies close proximity and help to compensate for their equipment.

Take a look at our PPSH Warzone PC Player 24 and our Own Gun Warzone PC Player 24 to find the best builds for your Whitley.

Whitley Warzone PC Player 24 perks and equipment

The choice of the right guns for your Whitley Warzone equipment is important, but the right PERK setting and the best equipment to have at hand can make the difference in a firefight.

When we watch the PERK options, we recommend Double Time, Overkill and Amped. Double Time should help with the speed of movement and amped improves your weapon change speed and equipment use.

Speaking of equipment, with Semtex and stunning grenades you can not go wrong. Both will help you with an encounter up close – narcotic grenades should give you enough time to change to your SMG secondary unit if you will be attacked with your Whitley.

Well, there it is – the best Whitley Warzone PC player 24, which there is. You need to tackle things slowly, but this PC player 24 should help you fight with ease to the last circle. How does this weapon suggest with the best Warzone weapons? It is certainly one of the strongest available LMGS.