At the Epic Games Store, the free distribution of the StarBreeze Studios Development Action Adventure PC Version “ Brothers-A Tale of Two Sons ” free distribution of Japan ‘s Time February 25 It was started for a limited time until time.

Brother: A Tale Of Two Sons IS FREE TODAY! From The Epic Games Store! (February 10th 2022)

This game is a single play work that operates two siblings at the same time. “A way out” and “IT Takes Two” Josef Fares are working.

If you want to play with the controller, two analog sticks move each of the siblings, and two triggers have an interaction involved in each of the brothers, and operate all simultaneously as needed.

My brother is stronger, and I will work to bring back a “water of life” to bring back “water of life” to help and help my father while making use of the characteristics of my brother.

This work can be played unlimited after the procedure to obtain once within the distribution period. It also supports keyboard operation.

# # “Brothers: Two sons of son”

Next week’s free distribution is scheduled for RPG “ CRIS TALES ” affected by the new and old RPG works in Japan.