Developers Larian Studios shared their work so far on baldur’s gate 3 on their pax East 2020 panel, revealing a gameplay, a handful of trailers, the customization of the characters and the way your actions cause consequences in the game. From what we saw the fight of the game, you may want to become familiar with all the quick backup features and have multiple backup locations. While Larian Studios showed the customization of the character, the host Swen Vincke, founder of Larian Studios, briefly examined a choice of character species: githyankki.

The githyankki in Donjons and Dragons are natural enemies of the Ecorchers of the Spirit. They look like orcs, mixed with elves, where they finally moved away from the slavery of their lords, but began to fight between them, leading to a civil war in the factions because of the different philosophical perspectives shared among their people. The advantage of their long slavery reduction was that many githyankki had obtained psionic powers, allowing them to use spells like telekinesia, the mage’s hand, jumping and foggy pitch, to name a few -UNS.

Their initial appearance brings them out at the live demonstration of the game. The non-personalized choice had a yellow skin, with long sharp ears, similar to the shape of an elf, but a sharp and thin nose. Some githyankki can have green or brown shades, but mainly their species appears in the shadow of yellow.

Baldur's Gate 3 - Behind The Scenes Development With Larian Studios | Community Update

If you are zooming enough, you can hardly read the minor description that Larian Studios has the species. It reads as follows: “Githyankki are superlative warriors, driven with silver blades and steering wheel on red dragons. They seek to destroy all the ecorchers of the mind, whose old empire has enslaved them. »

Although we do not know how long the Ecorchers of the Spirit have controlled their empire, both are natural enemies and githyankki are unparalleled fighters in melee fights. You may want to use one as a close fighter, with a pair of blades, or to serve as a tank, rather than making them serve as a mage. A githyankki also receives four natural features: they have a +1 for their intelligence, a +2 for their strength, a decadent mastery and a martial prodigy.

The Githyankki of Donjons and Dragons are generally associated with lawful evil. Although alignment does not play an important role in _baldur’s gate 3, _ The Larian Studios can leave small clues about it if you choose to play together, some companions that can be tired of your character.

The githyankki is one of the few species you can play when baldur’s gate 3. An anticipated access version will be available a little later in 2020.