The proposal of the “Gate of Three Worlds” is a 40-day event that begins with from February 17, 2022 to March 30, 2022 . In this time-limited version of Enkanomiya, hidden in darkness, you can solve many new puzzles, unique for the offer Three Realms Gateway.

On the cliff’s cloth, you would usually find the Guiding Light Mirror puzzle, where you need to send a ray of light to the destination with Hydro and Cryo Mirrors. Start with the fact that go to the area circled below to find a riddle. Be sure to take with you character that can apply Cryo .

You will find a puzzle with three mirrors. If you have already begun to mess with this, refer to the image below that the final puzzle should look like this (provided that the glowing mechanism is behind you). Otherwise, read on to learn how to solve this problem from scratch.

Assuming that nothing was moved, follow these steps to solve the puzzle. They can be made in any order .

  • The first step: Turn the mirror # 1 three times.

Concave Mirrors and Convex Mirrors Ray Diagram - Equations / Formulas & Practice Problems
* Step Two: Apply Cryo to Mirror No. 3.

Once the mirrors are changed, as described above, use the box Boxo. Next to the luminous mechanism . He will shoot the beam of the light, which mirrors will guide to a floating stone on the left. You will be rewarded Precious Chest To solve a puzzle.

Familiarize yourself with our leadership on how to solve the jigsaw “Mirror of Guide Light” southeast of bottlenecks in the proposal of the gate of three kingdoms in Genshin Impact to solve a similar puzzle nearby.