Often, players are stuck on the cold download quota from – for progress error . To correct the quest error Destiny 2 Cold Boot, all you need to do is return to an earlier level.

You will need to go to the point where there is an open hole in the wall with a large number of sparks. Energy charges Arches . Wait near this place near the entrance to the area, and the ghost will begin to talk about the energy of the arch.

When Ghost finish His dialogue, you can progress and complete Cold Download Quest . However, if you still receive an error message, and the ghost is still not talking, try back even further in terms of level.

Passing even further, go ahead until you return to the room with sparks . Stay at the entrance, and the ghost must start talking, give it to finish, and then continue again.

Destiny 2 || Cold Boot Bug Fix

What is the quest Cold Destiny 2 Quest Error

Quest Error “Cold Download” in Destiny 2 is a simple progress error, due to which players cannot execute the quest when talking with a hahan show. Too rapid quest promotion leads to an error when players do not hear the ghost dialog about the charges of the arch.

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