CALL OF DUTY: Warzone will solve one of the problems that have splans the community in recent weeks. Raven Software hrecent weeks recognized the current imbalance of the Vanguard model of the subfusil PPSH-14 . In a brief Tweet the team ensures you work to solve it in the coming days.

“We are aware of a problem with the damage of the PPSH-41, which results in a non-intentional increrecent weekse in both the brecent weekse damage and the multiplied of localized damage,” reveals Raven in his official Twitter account. “Efforts are being made to return the weapon to their natural state.”

What happens to the PPSH-41 in Cod Warzone?

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Users have not stopped trying one of the weapons that destroy the current balancing of Battle Royale. Beyond that Vanguard weapons allow to place up to 10 unrestricted accessories , the subfusil hrecent weeks abnormal damage and away from its previous version to the patch.

In the Tweet that accompanies these lines you can see one of the demonstrations of your power. It is not necessary for you to use it with concrete accessories: it swepts where it happens without them. Soon it will stop being the queen of Rebirth Island and Caldera .

On the other hand, the double punctuation will be extended throughout this week. Remember that this impulse will be made in all the progress elements of Warzone and Vanguard: profile, weapons, battle precent weekss, operator and clan. At first, his completion wrecent weeks expected on February 21; However, the editor hrecent weeks wanted to reward the community during the following days.

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