The Bank of Korea decided to operate the 24th Financial Currency Committee (Movie) and operated by 1.25%, which is the same level as the same level as the previous level. Since last year, we raise interest rates and to hide the rates, because Russia-Ukrainians are growing, and international oil prices are soaring, so that international oil prices are soaring.

However, this Municipal Bank Governor has strongly suggested the possibility of additional interest rates.

This governor said, “The criteria of 1.75 ~ 2.00% of the year, which are expecting the market, we believe that the criterion rate is as reasonable as the prospect of the Korean bank.”

The economic growth rate of the year this year was 3.0% as expected in November 2021, and the price increase rate was increased by 2.0% to 3.1% to 3.1%.

Up to three additional impressions until the end of the year

At the reporter’s conference shortly after the MILDD, the governor of this spinning is that the “Movie took a good rate of interest in the same time, and the change in the majority of monetary policy, etc. I need to look at, “he said,” he said, “he decided to keep the base rate at the current level.” The Movie Powered by the Movie was concluded freezing interest rates.

The governor said that the governor will continue to adjust the degree of relaxation of the monetary policy in the future. He said, “It is still necessary to have a high price of high water, such as now, and the need to reduce financial imbalance risk”.

As the interest rate hikes and waterfront growth of the US Federal Reserve (Federation), the market is expanding on the market, and the market for the market is up to 1.75 ~ 2.00% YoY in the year, “I have answered.” If you raise interest rates by 0.25% P, you will be observed for up to three times until the end of the year.

The governor said, “I think that” growth, waterfront and foreign condition flow on market expectation, and there is no significant difference in the market and the Korea bank seeing the Korean Bank. “

This governor pointed out that it is difficult to evaluate as a ‘tightening’ even if additional impressions have been further impressions as 1.50%.

As the waterfront rose, the need for the response of the monetary policy is greater than before.

“If the price increases, the degree of monetary policy is expanding, and the need for a monetary policy to stabilize the waterfront is greater than the previous,” This is because it is a I am considered to be considered.

Water price rise forecast 3 months old 1.1% p up… Rur – Woo Dynasty

The Bank of Korea has been the same as 3.0% of the economic growth rate forecast this year, but the rise in prices increased by 2% to 3.1%. Compared with the 2.5% of the year 2021, the price of price increases this year is high. In January, consumer prices are 3.6%, and the rise in price increase since October 2021 continues to rise 3%.

This governor said, “It was big and broader than that,” It was large and broader than expected in the short period of time, “he said.” Russia-Ukraine’s geopolitical risk and international oil prices have raised the forecast to rise sharply. “

He saw Russia and Ukrainians as the biggest variable during factors raising the price of prices. This governor said, “There is a” award and lower risk, but Ukrainians will affect domestic prices, “If Russia and Ukraine go to all, the prices will act on the other side, and the price of raw materials will act as an upper factor.” Explained.

“Korea, Stag Episode” Emphasis

The total nitrate governor emphasized the stagflation that is raised in the perceiver. “It is not a situation in which it is a situation that is considered to be concerned,” Stagnation (economic recession) is a definition of the situation. I expected the level of potential growth rate. “

He also expects to continue monitoring to continue to stimulate water due to the recently done government’s additional law (tax). The governor says, “If the price of the price is expected to increase by 3%, it is said that concerns that concerns can be raised,” if they will be able to stimulate the prices, ” I did not have a strong nature, but it is not limited to the influence, but it said.

“The central bank entry is that it is not to stimulate a situation in which 3% continues to stimulate,” he said, “he added.

The following is a call policy orientation specialist.

The Financial Call Committee shall maintain the Korean banking interest rate (1.25%) and operate the monetary policy by maintaining the Korea bank reference interest rate (1.25%) until the next currency policy direction decision.

The global economy continued to recover without increasing the vaccination in the vicinity of viruses. In the International Financial Market, due to concerns about the rate of raising the rate of policy interest rates in US Federal Reserve, Ukraine, due to Ukraine, the majority of government bond interest rates rose sharp and share price significantly. In the future, the World Economy and the International Financial Market will be influenced by Corona 19’s deployment situation, global inflationary movements, major currency policy changes, and geopolitical risks.

Domestic economy continued to recover in Corona 19 relaxation. The recovery of private consumption was dangted by strengthening the protrusion of the disaster, but exports continued to be robust thanks to the solid global demand. Equipment investment was affected by global supply disruptions and was somewhat adjusted. The employment situation continued to improve the number of employees. In the future, the domestic economy continues to grow the reliable tax of exports, and the recovery of private consumption recovery is expected to continue to continue to resume a good growth. During this year, GDP growth is expected to not be devoted to a 3% level, a forecast of November.

Consumer prices continued a high level of 3% of the high levels of centralized, such as the high rise of the high rise in the high rise of the petroleum prices, the increase in personal services and the price of industrial product prices,. The general public expectation inflation rate exhibited 2% of the central level. In the future, consumer prices are expected to rise from November to the rise in November, resulting in a significantly exceeding 3% award, and an annual is expected to represent 3% per year. The origin of origin is expected to increase to mid-2% of this year.

In the financial markets, we have been influenced by international financial market movements, resulting in a large expenses of long-term market, and the share price was significantly lowered, and the won / dollar exchange rate was slightly increased. Household loans have been reduced by increasing, and housing prices have slowed in the metropolitan area and provinces.

The Financial Call Committee will continue to grow in the future, and will ensure that the rise in the price increase rate in the medium-sized watch can be stabilized at the goal level, and will be able to operate the monetary policy in response to financial stability. Corona 19 Related uncertainties are involved, but the domestic economy continues to have a good growth, and it is expected that the price of price is expected to exceed the target level, and will appropriately adjust the degree of relaxation of the monetary policy. In this process, the additional adjustment of the degree of relaxation will be judged to check that Corona 19’s development situation, financial imbalance risk, risk of financial imbalance, ripple effect of the rate of immeasure, and the flow of major national monetary policy changes, growth and water flow.