Lo Wan boasts an extensive arsenal of weapons, including firearms, katanu and combat weapons. With such a number of weapons to choose from juggling, they can be a bit confusing. So, you may be wondering how to switch weapons in Shadow Warrior 3.

To change the weapon in Shadow Warrior 3, you can either Press the Y / Triangle button or hold it down To open the wheel of the weapon on the console. For PCs, you can Rotate the mouse wheel or use the numeric keys switch between your guns. To switch to Katan, you can click right bumper or Right-click .

Pressing the weapon shift button will switch two weapons with which you are equipped. If you hold the button and open the weapon wheel, you can choose any weapon that you have, and immediately switch to it.

Finally, you can freely switch between your weapons and rolling, pressing any of the attack buttons. The combination of firearms and hand-to-hand combat is the best way to cope with any imagging enemy, and now you know exactly how to choose the right weapons for work.

Shadow Warrior 3 Review
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