The trophy that should be awarded at the Game Festival “The Game Awards” was sold at the net auction. The detected YouTuber purchased the same trophy and it seems to have returned to the original owner’s developer.

The Game Awards is a game festival that will be held once a year. In addition to “Game of the Year” to determine the best games for a year, award is given to the good works of different sectors. In addition, new information etc. are often revealed in the ceremony, and the degree of attention of gamers is also high. And the trophy of winged women given to the awarded developers was a proof that the winged development effort and the quality of work were recognized. I’m releasing a winged goddess. It is often accepted from the winners on the stage, or it is often commented on the weight. If you have seen the video of the event, it will be something left for the impression.

It is said that the actual thing of trophy, which is a proof of such honor, was exhibited in the auction site eBay. Moreover, with a prompt decision price 500 USD (about 58,000 yen). It is not an article that is originally selling originally, in any way or cheap. A trophy sales page has been discovered by Ryan B., which operates YouTube channel Prestigeiskey. He said he tried to buy the Game Awards trophy replica to decorate the office. So I was looking for a good trophy in eBay, he suddenly discovered an auction page that claims to be a real trophy.

It is a trophy that should be decorated to the developer. According to the auction page, the seller themselves do not know about the origin of this trophy. In addition, items that were selling other than sellers seem to have a car part, not game-related, but also a car part. Ryan B. is a bet, but he made a bet. When he bided at $ 375 (about 43,000 yen), it seems that he was successful and shipped immediately and arrived at his hand immediately.

However, it is not just like trophy can buy at auction. Mr. Ryan B. “I thought it may have been stolen,” and I asked for a developer. The name of the game engraved on the trophy is the 2D action game “CELESTE”. It is EXTREMELY OK GAMES that worked. Fortunately, Ryan B. has been able to take contact with Heidy Motta, who serves as operation manager at the same studio. And when I visited the trophies, Motta has returned an answer that “Trophy is not at our hand”. In other words, suspicious trophies were true. “Celeste” has won his Independent Game Division at the Game Awards, held in 2018, and the development team goes on the stage, and it is also a picture that trophies will be delighted to the hand It is left.

Once the trophy raised is exhibited by EBAY? According to the content where Ryan B. was inquired, the trophy received on the stage was returned to the Game Awards side once. Although the trophy was supposed to be mailed later, it was said that it was not delivered for about four years. Also, the history of whether the trophy not mailed was sold in eBay is also unknown at present.

Ryan B. “I would like to return to Extremely OK Games as” what is originally developed “. On the other hand, the studio side is proposed to bear the trophy price and shipping cost. About four years The lady goddess statue that has been lost for about four years seems to have been successfully returned to the hands of the legitimate owner. Also, Ryan B. is also delivering the “open videos” of the Game Awards trophy, among the videos that convey a series of events. First of all, it is interesting content that touches a proactive item that does not get a general gamer.

Unboxing a MISSING Game Award & Returning it! (Missing FOUR Years!)

  • Opening video part is from 4 minutes to 30 seconds of videos

First, trophies are put in a fairly solid paper box. When the letters of the Game Awards are covered with a covered lid, a cushion lined with a smooth fabric, such as satin, is placed. At this point, it is an impression that a real aura is out. And sleeping in it is the trophy of the honor of honor. If you think that it was sleeping for about four years in this, it’s like a game item.

According to the impression that Mr. Ryan B. Touched, the trophy is the weight that surpasses expectations. It seems that the presenter and developers say “heavy more” on the stage, and it seems that they had physical weight as well as the weight of that honor. Also, the part of the wing is very sharp. He has shown the view of the winged material at the end of opening at the tip of the wing, indicating that it is not buffer but not considered safety. Every time I saw the Game Awards, someone did not drop the trophy. However, depending on how you drop it, you may stab the ground.

With the unexpected discovery, the Game Awards trophy came to the originated from the day again and returned to the developer. It is a place where it was not reached to the development source or the history of being out of sale. However, if there is no such accident, there will be no opportunity to hear the “hands-on review” of trophy by general gamers.

EXTREMELY OK GAMES is currently developing a new search type 2D action “Earthblade” (related articles). The trophy of honor that came back through a long journey will watch over the development of the same work.