In 2017, the Zelda series with Breath of the Wild introduced new ways, which were predominantly crowned, but they did not like every fan. What should the second part be better? Our community agreed.

This MIGHT Be Bad News For Breath of The Wild 2…
Despite the sparse information situation, Zelda fans long for breath of the game 2, which should appear this year. The reasons are different: while lovers of the predecessor would like to experience more from the open-world formula, other a classic Zelda wishes .

We do not know much about the highly awaited action adventure – except that it will be a direct continuation of Breath of the Wild **. Gameplay speculation and hopes run at full speed.

We asked our community on Facebook, What you want from Breath Of The Wild 2 . We summarize the answers in this picture gallery:

Are you similar opinion or do you have deviant hopes? Anyway, we can hardly wait for new information about the latest Zelda part.