Players of Call of Duty Warzone are not foreign errors and disorders in the game, but the latest is one of the worst we’ve seen for a long time. The new Warzone Weapons Perk Bug is an easy-to-use exploit and adds a big buff to almost everyone available in the game. This error allows players to equip almost any weapon available in Warzone with an additional Vanguard Perk 1 option – including Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War Weapons.

, Jgod’s trusted name in the community, has explained in a video how the new Warzone Weapon Perk bug works, and examples where this could be useful, and shown how groundbreaking this exploit is.

In Warzone, the selection of the right benefit 1 for a Vanguard weapon is an important part of the establishment of the best Warzone Loadouts. The PERK 1 option adds vanguard weapons an incredible buff, but you can only choose one – it can be a difficult decision and often makes the difference between a mediocre weapons construction and a great ones.

If the PERK 1 options are already available in the game, why is this new exploit then such a problem? Well, it’s a problem because you can add almost every weapon in the game a Vanguard Perk 1 option – that also means that you can double if you use a Vanguard weapon.

In his video you can see below, JGOD Vanguards PPSH uses as an example. He compares a PPSH with a PERK 1 with a faulty PPSH build with two PERK 1 options – and the difference is amazing.

Tightening, a popular choice and an important component in building the best PPSH Warzone Loadouts, increases the accuracy of continuous shooting. If you combine this with the advantages of Gung-HO, another PERK 1 option that allows you to shoot the sprint, an outrageous overmighty SMG, which is almost impossible to counter. You can see both weapons in action around the 2: 10 mark of the video below.

To make the matter worse, this Warzone Weapon Perk bug is not even too difficult to exploit. All you have to do is to pick up a PC player 24 with a fully equipped vanguard weapon to fire a ball from both weapons in your PC player 24, drop them, drop them, and if you then a second PC player 24 cancel, you will find PERK 1 from your first Vanguard PC player 24 is available for the second weapon.

This can be used to make the recoil at almost every weapon in warzone negligible. Raven Software has confirmed this Exploit and updates the Trello board of Warzoneaber It is not to be foreseeable how long this will be a problem in the game.