Under a hood with animal ear, the development team of GENSHIN IMPACT hid one of the most outstanding ninjas of the game. SAYU has highlighted from the arrival of it the game by being one of the best characters to explore Teyvat’s extensive universe. However, it has been with the arrival of Divine Creation that many players have really realized what is the potential of it to move on stage, becoming the heroin in a way in the title of Mihoyo.

Sayu surprises the community at the last event

COMPLETE SAYU GUIDE! Best Sayu Build - Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact
Divine creation allows players to unleash their imagination to give rise to true obstacle races that can become complicated to overcome. However, Sayu has become the AS in the sleeve of many players, surpassing some of the most interesting characters for exploration such as Xiao or Kazuha. All thanks to the use of your wind collision skill, which has a few very interesting interactions.

As we can see in the video, Sayu is able to do two particularly curious things. On the one hand, she can overcome small obstacles of a single height without losing his ability, which allows him to find continuity in the dungeons. On the other, she She is capable of running in situations in which other characters could only be grabbed , as in the small edges of the projections. A perfect combo for exploration that shines even more in the new Genshin Impact event.

Of course, many players have been surprised by this situation. Sayu is not a very popular character among Genshin Impact players , despite being in a very good situation both in the Tier List combat and exploration. All this being a four-star character easier to obtain and ascend. Is it time for us to join our team?