“The better Havertz” titled an article about the Wirtz Florian Wirtz \ – rather than in March 2022 in which the 18-year-old is the central figure of perhaps form most offensive of the Bundesliga. But in December 2020 when he had just half a year professional football behind. Wirtz ‘talent was evident early, up to date, it skips the Bundesliga crowds almost. Similarly, as it was with Kai Havertz the case once. Or is it different?

Certain parallels are – besides the obvious talent and the association of its rise – certainly present. Strange, among others: Both Havertz in October 2016 celebrated and Wirtz in May 2020 her Bundesliga debut against Werder Bremen. And both unearned their first Leverkusen spores in the center but denied most of their first bets on the right wing.

A leap in performance of similar extent

The permanent way into the center took place both Havertz as complete for Wirtz in the first Bundesliga year in which both of 25 times were in the starting lineup – and thus grew the influence on the Leverkusen game. At the age of 17 (Wirtz) and 18 (Havertz) the teenagers on every fifth Leverkusen were league goal directly involved: Wirtz came 2020/21 to eleven points scorer and thus a stake of 20.8 percent of all hits, Havertz ‘data from 2017 / 18 fall with twelve scorers and 20.7 percent from almost identical.

Also, the performance leap in the second full season took comparably sized proportions: Havertz came 2018/19 to 21 points scorer, Wirtz is currently at 18. Here, however, already shows the discrepancy between the two actors. While Havertz collected 17 of the 21 investments with a goal, Wirtz is more preparer because Sagittarius. In the current season he comes to eleven assists – as many managed Havertz in any season under the Bayer Cross.

Significantly more interface passports, but also more bad passes: The fit values of Wirtz and Havertz clearly show the differences in playing style of both players. Wirtz

The deeper look at the data reveals a clear difference between the playing styles of the two exceptional players: In his first full season played Wirtz (1.96 per game) – although at this time younger than Havertz in the second year – more than twice as many interfaces passports as Havertz (0.8). In the second year, these values even fall out even more striking: 2021/22 played so far Wirtz 2.08 such passports and more than three times as many as Havertz 2018/19 (0.65). He also comes to more than double the goal Preparations per game (1.82 to 0.83).

Wirtz that his passing game vertical and risky interpretation, it also means that its pass rate is significantly lower, who just often served as the basis of Havertz his height as a target or storage players. To a certain extent this is also due to the positioning on the court. While Wirtz largely spent last season eighth in Peter Bosz ‘4-3-3 Havertz played under the Dutch occasionally in the striker or right winger.

Different interpretations

At home, both players in the midfield, but the data show the different interpretations of the highly talented: Wirtz playmaker, Havertz is the Scan Station. Wirtz of tens, Havertz nine Einhalber.

So today’s Chelsea player in two comparative years clearly had more shots than Wirtz, therefore came to higher xGoals values – and of course more goals. But Wirtz is in the completion of more effective of the two players, requires fewer shots per target. In terms of goal threat, the 18-year-old this season – made a significant step forward, has per game 2.97 ball touches the opponent’s box – also by its more offensive position as tens in 4-2-3-1 under Gerardo Seoane – 2020/21 there were 2.3.

The Torabschlusswerte of Wirtz and Havertz show: Havertz radiates more goal threat, but is not as effective as Wirtz. Wirtz

In almost all other categories, Wirtz has increased over the past to the current season. He has, however, suffered in the game against the ball a little step backwards. Was he still 2020/21 to 1.96 intercepted passes per game, is he 2021/22 so far at 1.87. While this small discrepancy is due or by the change of system and the slightly more offensive role among Seoane, Wirtz loses the comparison with Havertz significantly. The later Champions League winners came 2017/18 to 3.16 intercepted balls, 2018/19 yet to 2.72.

However, the trend is the same for both Wirtz and HvertsTZ: Both of the year, both year-old were a greater significance in the Leverkusen game, received more and more freedoms and goods – in the case of Wirtz also due to position – defensively rarely bound.

Wonderkid Florian Wirtz - Leverkusen's Midfield Maestro

And now? In his third complete year, HAVERTZ fought in Leverkusen with a small performance dish, some relevant data such as XGoals or the quota successful dribblings went back. Whether Wirtz eliminates the same destiny? Not completely excluded, but some factors speak against it.

Because not forgetting the season comparisons: Wirtz was nearly a year in all his complete seasons almost a year than Hvertz, especially playfully continues to playfully and takes a central role in his age as Hvertz at his age. If its development continues in the same pace as usual as a teenager, then it should probably be no question soon if Wirtz is really “the better Hvertz”.