Since the release of the revival trailer of Star Wars Eclipse, Quantic Dream is looking for talented developers who help in implementing the Action Adventure.

But with it seemingly significant problems that even move the release of the game to 2027 or 2028.

So it reports insider Tom Henderson.

Henderson writes in his report that the main reason of the trailer had been intended to attract new talents for development. In principle, completion was 3-4 years away and the early announcement was just thought to enlarge the team.

How Henderson wants to learn from own sources, the trailer had not achieved the desired effect. Despite the positive recording under Gamern.

It's Best To Forget Star Wars Eclipse Exists - 5-6 Years Away AT LEAST (Rumor)
One reason why Quantic Dreams is less interesting for talents could also be allegations because of sexual harassment and poor conditions in the workplace.

To this day, one has to occupy 67 jobs at the Paris site. These are almost as many as about three months ago.

Another reason for the early announcement is intended to have been intended for a source to interest potential buyers for a takeover of Quantic Dreams.

If the report applies, then the publication of Star Wars Eclipse could actually take place only 2028.