After a fun first half with a gate for each team, the encounter on Saturday evening in Nuremberg after the break. It was a typical draw game – but then craftsman came. The outer defender with his weaker right foot from the distance, HSV-Keeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes did not look good – and already the 2-1 home win of the francs was perfect.

They MOCK The Preacher *until this happens*

And somehow craftsman had foreseen this goal. “I said today for fun at Taylan Duman: I think I’m doing one with right today. I just targeted the second post. Luckily it has gone well,” says the winning track at “SKY”. So serious was serious, and the club drove three important points to go back in the ascent race properly.

“Today it was time, that was felt during the week, and that was felt in the game too. Even if the goal falls happily shortly before the end and something. I think we deserve the last few weeks “FCN-Coach Robert Klausch was happy about the first victory against a team of the current top five (Darmstadt, St. Pauli, Bremen, HSV, Schalke) of the league. “That’s a special evening, with one of the most beautiful this season, because you had an opponent with such a great quality. Next week we want to show the face again,” Keeper Christian Mathenia demanded.

Council: “We make euphoria too”

Nuremberg has overtaken the HSV with the victory and will complete the matchday on the fourth place. The residue on the first two Teams Darmstadt and St. Pauli is five points, which on the third Bremen three meters. However, Werder has a home game against Dresden on Sunday. The rise is now a topic in Franconia at the latest. “We make euphoria too, but we have to develop ourselves. We can not let it imprime from the environment, that makes little sense,” Klauts made clear. “We stand in front of the HSV and Schalke, that’s a good starting position, yet nothing has reached yet. We now have many games against teams from above before the chest.”

First, the lots in Hanover and against Dresden are now coming to the club. Then the duels with Heidenheim, Darmstadt and Bremen arrive before St. Pauli waits at the end of April.