2022 It could well be the year of all records for t1 and FAKER . The best player in the story of League of Legends accumulates one after other individual distinctions: 2,500 Kills in LCK, 1,000 games played in competitive… but it is not the only one that shines on his team since for the first time in history, We could well see a franchise Achieve a perfect split in the 18-0.

Currently, t1 accumulates already 13 victories followed in B03 (26 victories, 5 defeats) and no one seems to be able to stop them. But he does not sell the skin of the bear before hunting and there are still 5 opponents who do not think to let him go. For the record, the best collective action in the LCK was achieved by SKT T1 itself at Summer 2015 . We already found there the Faker team that, accompanied by Marin, Tom, Bengi, Easyhoon, Bang and Wolf, had achieved an excellent 17-1 in the regular season.

T1 EN 2022: Statistics are scared

It is always difficult to evaluate the strength of an international team during the regular season, since everyone stays good in their region. However, the observations seem unanimous: t1 is the best team at this time. In South Korea, it martirizes absolutely to all with its 84% ​​Winrate . The LCK is far from being a weak league as demonstrated by the 4 Korean teams that have come out of the flowers during the last world. As a comparison, Edward Gaming in China has “only” 71% victory ratio. ** But beyond this, all T1 statistics are stratospheric at this time:

  • +1,079 gold at minute 15
  • 84% of the first plates
  • 80% of the Nashor barons
  • 70% heralds
  • +215 gold per minute compared to their opponents

Beyond the statistics, the collective works perfectly in T1. Compared to last year, the team has not changed a lot. The lower lane of GUMAYUSI / KERIA is surely the best in the world at this time and the young Zeus , ascended to replace Canna , impress. As aggressive as the predecessor of him, the future of him seems brilliant.

DRX, the last great obstacle?

When looking at the T1 calendar, fanatics can be quite safe. Even if you should never underestimate your opponents, T1 has already stuck a 2-0 to its two main competitors: Gen.G and DWG KIA. The 5 bo3 that remain for playing seem very affordable:

  • Fredit Brion (6th)
  • KT Rolster (7th)
  • ⁠KWangdong Freecs (5º)
  • Liiv LiveBox (9th)
  • DRX (4th)

Therefore, DRX seems to be on paper the last big part. This will also come as a final boss since the confrontation will take place during the 9th and last week of the regular season… for the record, triumph this season in 18-0 would be magnificent. But we do not really know if the players value this achievement. Some teams, consciously or unconsciously, relax to concentrate and reach the playoffs in good shape. It is also customary that coaches show the lowest possible strategy to avoid being studied and dissected before large parties .