When the makers of the Amazon series of the Lord of the Rings: The rings of power showed the first teaser trailer, sparked those responsible in the ranks of passionate fans already have tons of flaming discussions. Why did Elrond have a fashionable short haircut , why is there a dwarf princess and why are there already small pearredile?

Do the actors fit? Join the figures? In advance and without a sequence of the Lord of the Rings: The rings of power have seen – the official start is on September 2, 2022 – can be speculated a lot. Of course, of course, on the basis of the extensive variety articles incurred in cooperation with Amazon. A scoop! For the authors of Variety were already allowed to pull in the first three episodes of power… now… privileges and so.

Much is talked about the characters, but we know that from the Middle earth films of Peter Jackson: also the locations are performers. I do not doubt the fact that the producers and directors of the Amazon series have found great and impressive bombast venues for drone flights et cetera where their stories are told. I just want to give you a bit of context ^ ^ So: in the boat! Based on the scenes from the trailer, and a few variety captions, I try (with a portion of suspicion), some of the locations to locate and give you a superficial context to Tolkien’s canon.

If you are interested more about peoples flows and the geography of Middle earth over the age, ** Then I can only recommend you the historic Atlas of Middle earth. Water. In the trailer, the waves are so high that it can actually be seawater and thus the end of Belegaer is very close. Source: Amazon Prime Video

The Belegaer

The Belegaer is the Western Sea, which separates Middle earth from the blessing rich. The immortal land, as Aman is named, is the “home” of the Valar, who direct the fate of the residents of the Center of Central – or in the History of the Centralters at least to a certain frame. At the end of the second age, the world was converted, Aman and the island of Tol Eressea was raptured the mortal. It was then no longer possible to reach Aman’s walk from Middle earth to Aman. By the way: That was absolutely no walk.

The Rings of Power Teaser BREAKDOWN | The Lord of the Rings on Prime
Galadriel whose spiew tubes are discovered. Also: Water: P Source: Amazon Prime Video Why the sea is so interesting? Once is one of the largest islands of the Belega Númenor. Then in the trailer, several scenes with galladre on the water can be seen – the lady is really far around, and it’s the question of what exactly she tries to achieve. I do not want to overthrow me too far into the speculative wet and hurt Galadriel’s bathroom has something with Númenor or with the Gulf of Lhûn. But less with a stretchless and in their history rather sensitive attempts attempt to break the straight paths. Where… Maybe the ride on wild waters is already a teaser on the end of Númenor.

The background: The Númenoric King Ar-Pharazôn was devoted by a defined being, Sauron, who people would have to attack the blessed land so he could, so the king, could obtain immortality. As a punishment, the God-like being Ilúvatar turned the world and shaped her to a bullet, and he sinked Númenor in a column at the bottom of the Belegaer. The ships Ar-Pharazôns, who referred to as a king of all kings, sail, and the Númenorer, who had reached Aman, were spilled by stones.

However, I do not think that the people of the Amazon series are equal to the first season of Lord of the Rings: Rings of power will connect several hundred years of medium-earth history. The sinking Númenor will, if at all, then play a role only at the end of the series. By the way: In addition to the newly designed character Halbrand has long been confirmed that you will also see Isildur (for the time being as a sailor). Very probably a Númenoric city, people have something for monstrous stone statues. Probably the city of Calmindon Source located in the east of the island in a bay: Amazon Prime Video


The island of Númenor, located between Middle earth and Aman, was once a present of the Valar to the people who have fought with them against Morgoth – Morgoth is quasi of the teachers of Sauron. Elronds Brother Elros, who decided to be a Halbelb for the life of mortals, settled as one of the first to Númenor. A total of 25 kings prevailed about the island; From barren, stony northern forrosts rather to mild southern hyarnustar. The capital is Armenelos, but I strongly doubt that the rather small-looking port city, which was so far seen in the trailer ^^

In fact, I am very curious what and how much of Númenor will be seen. After all, the series should also turn around the rise and case of the empire. About Númenor is not even so much known so that I think that the showrunner will use the realm of people a little as a white screen. Lindon. As you can see, you do not see much more than trees and waterfalls. Source: Amazon Prime Video


Lindon is actually more federal state of Middle earth and less a city. Okay, we call it the western realm of the Elves between the blue mountains (Ered Luin) and the Belegaer. Forlindon were divided into the north and Harlindon in the south of the Gulf of Lhûn, a monstrous broad fjord, which prevents far intoland. In Lindon all elves lived, which had determined to stay in Middle earth. A meeting of the Who is Who of all large elves of the second pay age is therefore absolutely unrealistic. Unrealistic it’s just to call Lindon a city ^^ No matter.

The elves were ruled by how it should be different, last Hochkönig Gil-Galad and Círdan, Lord of Gray Agencies and the Falas. Because the forging of the rings of power in the series plays the rings of power of course a role, it will give scenes from the south of Lindon: erregion. Erregion is the elvening of Galadriel and her husband Celeborn, which she founded in the second age, but then left behind when Sauron appeared in the form of the neutral appearing master of gifts, Annatar, in Erregion. Neither Galadriel nor Celeborn trusted this stranger about the way, and left the regency about Eregion Celebrimbor. The ringersmith.

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