Lost Judgment - School Stories Expansion + Detective Essentials Pack contents | Xbox Series X
Today, Sega announced the time of publication for The Kaito Files.

The Story extension for Lost Judgment therefore appears on March 28 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 | 5.

The Kaito Files lets you take over the role of the character Masaharu Kaito and tells a brand new story that plays in Kamurocho and Isezaki IJincho.

“After the events of Lost Judgment, Kaito assumes a lucrative case while Yagami is not in the city, which is unexpectedly looking for his old flame Mikiko. On the way Kaito meets Jun, a teenager who claims to be her son, and together they try to reveal the truth behind Mikikos disappear. “

“Now Kaito is at the intersection of past and present while he has to do it with a syndicate that communicates with Kamurtochos criminal ground. But why did Kaito and Mikiko separate, and what has this dark faction to do with her? “

The Kaito Files costs $ 29.99 in the single purchase. But it is also included in the Ultimate Edition or the Season Pass.