Отправка и внесение изменений в Gerrit Changes
It ran the last minute of regular season in half one in Mannheim. The guests from Braunschweig were briefly went 1-0 in the lead and pushed over Bryan Henning on the right wing forward. Its crossed by the baseline crashed Gerrit Gühke from Waldhof-Profi Gerrit. Bastian Danknert decided promptly on trading feet – but then finished discussions in the Carl-Benz Stadium.

“I’ve seen that with the outstretched left arm, he wides the ball into the Toraus”, FIFA-Refer be thanked thank you in the way to “magenta sport” with the presentation of the situation from his point of view. “That could not confirm my assistant in this situation and yes, then of course, if it is the correct decision,” the 41-year-old Rostocker continues.

Dankups praise to Henning

“Then I asked the protagonists, the Gohlke, and the Braunschweiger player who has bleeded the ball _ (Henning, Note d. Red.) _, And there I have to say first: hat from the fair play, not just From the Mannheimer, but also of the Braunschweiger player, who then says he did not see the ball on the outstretched arm. “

BTSV-Profi Henning had ultimately decisive proportion that this pursuer diver with a 1-0 in the cabins. Braunschweig could not be fooled by the failed penalty, wide awakened from the catacombs and provided with two quick hits for 3: 0 final score for early preliminary decision.

Already in the initial phase was discussed

Incidentally, it was not the only situation in this encounter, which should be discussed sustainably during the game and also afterwards. Already in the initial phase Mannheim’s Marc Schnatterer had added his opponent Robin Krauße with a heavy bleeding place wound on his face. And was well served with the yellow card.