The impact of Paypal stopping service in Russia also extends to a translator that translates Russian games. “ Stoneshard “, “ breathedge “, “ SUChart: Artist Simulator Curiu is influenced by Twitter that has been affected by Twitter Yes.

Mr. Muriho is the owner of the unique career who became a professional game translator from a volunteer translator. He game * spark in a long interview in the past in the past, but he attempted an emergency interview this time.

“StoneShard” aiming for professional translators Interview “Professional translator thought that a professional translator was completely different in the world of the world.”
“StoneShard” who turned from a volunteer translator to a professional “Idol Manager” Yuzchastics

– Currently, are you at work from Russian developer? Is there a impact on Ukrainian invasion of Russia?

Mr. Mekuru (hereinafter referred to as the honorold abbreviation), the title name does not matter, so the title name is not published, but I am involved in the translation in the title . After the start of invasion by Russia, it is currently that the reaction from development is generally slower or decreases. Although the works that are currently involved and translation work are in progress slightly, they are clearly paced down than before.

-I was addicted to Twitter, but is it difficult to contact the reward?

I’m not aware of it I can’t pay yet. It feels like something good to confirm.

-Are you considering the manufacturer?

It looks like it will come. It is probably supposed to be happy with unexpected situations, so I think that there is no way to increase the problem. It was originally scheduled for bank transfer, but it is said that “Can you change to PayPal” around February 20, who has begun to smell the situation, and it is a matter of changing the situation and changed.

-Is Paypal better than bank transfer for manufacturers?

Initially, “Because bank transfer is more convenient”. That was a bit uneasy because it became “Paypal”….

– Are there any hearts for specifying PayPal?

When I was already talking about economic sanctions at the time, I thought it would have been a Paypal.

– Have you experienced procedural issues regarding payment of compensation?

I’m just receiving this, so I do not know such problems, but I had one payment from the same publisher before February 20, and I received it without problems at that time.

– After that, there is no payment itself. Did not have plans from the beginning?

Relieving, except for the one that changed to paypal payment, there was no plan for deposit. However, the situation may be different in the situation because it was not a publisher but a direct reward from the developer, so it may be different.

– What are you going to get more difficult to contact with the manufacturer in the future?

I am going to continue my work while the project manager of the field is moving. I do not intend to ask what will happen from here.

– Was depositing canceled?

The spacing of the deposit is not so short, so it’s not so short.

I would like to press me for a while, but it was not said that never “do not pay” from the beginning. Simply planned to be paid by PayPal is only unpayable due to the PayPal. I am also an individual, Russian game companies, game developers, and personal disgust do not have any personal disgustment . However, I was unlucky.

– Did you assume a situation where payment is impossible to deposit in war when contracting with manufacturers?

Canada's Free Dumb Convoy, Episode 1314

I did not think that the war was caused and the deposit stopped. I do not confirm, but I think that the other party will be unexpected. In terms of the Country Risk of the contract, there was a payment delay from the Chinese translation company before, so I personally avoid exchanging with Chinese companies. However, I do not hear the story that Chinese companies are generally so, and I think that we will not choose the other party in consideration of the country risk.

– Do you know the game translator with familiar problems?

I do not know. There is a translator working together in another game, but the translator did not charge regular work from this publisher, and the negotiations were doing even when I worked together.

– Is there any other impact of war?

Thank you very much for your unhappy fortune, Trading with a manufacturer with a development studio in Ukraine’s Harikov and Lviv has yet been made. . Since the head office is Sweden, it seems that it is all right unless the development work is completely stopped. I heard that I was doing my best to escape the staff of the staff, but after that Ukraine issued “National Memorial Ordinance” and I was forbidden to the 18th to 60-year-old men, so it was in time I do not understand.

– Have you ever wanted to convey?

I do not want to work because I have no incompetence, so I would like to translate with responsibility for your work.

– Thank you for dividing valuable time today.

Russia and Ukrainian wars have definitely affected in the Japanese game industry in this way.