Developer Pugstorm started Multiplay-enabled Adventure “ CORE KEEPER ” Early access to Windows (STeam) and released a launch trailer.

This work is a sandbox type mining adventure with single play and one to eight online cooperative play. Players attracted to a mystery Reric wake up in ancient caves full of creatures, resources, and trincets, make full use of survival skills in the underground world where many trials awaited, sometimes work together with their friends, I will unlike the mystery of the ruin “ Core “.

It is possible to do various things such as mining and equipment crafts, cooking, agriculture and huge bosses, cave exploration, and first to mines resources such as crystals, fossils, trinkets and equipment It is important to craft Tsuruhashi and get resources efficiently. And if you create a Matsuaki and a fire that illuminates the dark, you can further explore the cave deeper. You can also build resources and construct a base that will be based. At first, it is a tipy base, but installed the workbench or generator and increases more and more and power up the “core”.

Sandbox Mining Survival Adventure - Core Keeper - Gameplay

Since there are cuinous seeds in the mined resources, seeds are planted to grow crops to create food. Materials in a cooking pot may be combined to discover new recipes. Cooked food may have surprising buff effects. In online play, it is possible to visit other player caves or invite your caves, so you can enjoy mining and agriculture together. If you deepen the exchange, we will find a large boss in the protective world and work together.

According to the development source, the early access period is planned to be around 2022 , but it is likely to respond flexibly due to player feedback and community requests. In addition, formal full version adds many new biomes, new enemies and bosses, add items and craft products, add new stories about “core”, add new systems for construction, agriculture, and cooking, Additional languages ​​are added.

“Core Keeper” waiting for adventures in the underground world where more than 130,000 players downloaded by more than 130,000 players in the fiscal year ending February 2022 are being delivered for early access 1,320 yen. By March 16, it is 10% off 1,188 yen.