Usually, promotional actions for new games are very conspicuous and succinct. After all, she should impress with the potential customers. But sometimes it is more subtle and, above all, in places where nobody expects. That’s exactly what happened around the action role-playing elden ring, the praising word received during a wrestling matches .

Advertising for Elden Ring at Wrestling

The almost casual action took place during a matches of Wrestling Promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW) . She’s already a few days, but has not gone viral through a newly emerged video. As part of a “Tag Team Casino Battle Royale” hung the Wrestler Evil Uno in the ropes and spoke to Brandon Cuttler , taking pictures for the Vlog “Being the Elite”. First, Evil Uno had asked him for help for the match. But suddenly, Cuttler came to talk to the action role-playing Elden Ring and developed a short dialogue that the viewers have certainly not noticed locally on site.

First of all, Brandon Cuttler explained how not that he had not yet come to play Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €). Something out of breath did Evil Uno answered a little later that he should be absolutely to play , as he believes it was very good. The latter then turned back to the actual events in the wrestling ring.

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It is difficult to estimate whether it has been a targeted advertising of the Promotion Aew for Elden Ring or a spontaneous action of the two Wrestler involved. The scene was at least not to see in the official TV program, but exclusively in the latest episode of the Vlog “Being the Elite”. Curril and interesting the action was always.

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