The unique festival feeling of Gamescom is back: The world’s largest event around computer and video games and Europe’s leading business platform for the Games industry will take place from 24 to 28 August again in the Cologne exhibition halls. The experience will be combined on site with a comprehensive digital program.

For Gamescom 2022, a hygiene and security concept often proven by Koelnmesse is used, which is always in line with all current, legal regulations and which will ensure safety and a high quality of residence. Measures will be implemented as an improved inlet management, digital queue management, extra-wide corridors or limited ticket quotas.

New this year, the project “Gamescom Goes Green”, with the medium and long term, the Gamescom as a whole by reducing and avoiding CO2 emissions as well as at short notice by CO2 balance is climate-neutral.

The Gamescom 2022 includes, among other things, the following suburb and online offers:

  • Entertainment Area, Business Area and other areas, including cosplay, retro and indie fans, with the unique festival feeling of the Gamescom on site
  • Gamescom shows like Gamescom: Opening Night Live, Gamescom Studios and Gamescom: Awesome Indies with live audiences on site as well as numerous channels broadcast streams
  • Bundled GamesCom content on Gamescom Now
  • Interactive quests on all Gamescom channels and attractive rewards in the context of Gamescom Epix

THE GAME AWARDS 2021: Official Livestream with Hellblade II, Star Wars Eclipse, Sonic, Matrix
* Numerous cooperations with international creators and media partners

Weekly plan of Gamescom 2022

Felix Falk, Managing Director of the Game – Association of the German Games Industry: “It has been waiting for all Gamescom fans and partners for two years: Finally, Gamescom returns to the Cologne exhibition halls and thus the unique festival feeling that us all so much missed. This year we connect the best of both worlds: our extensive digital program with the unparalleled Gamescom experience on site. The GamesCom also sets new standards again 2022, for example in terms of sustainability: With our initiative, Gamescom Goes Green ‘we will make Gamescom together with the visitors and exhibitors for the particularly climate-friendly event. We do not just want to be a lighthouse for the many environmental and climate protection initiatives in the international games industry, but also pioneers for international events. “

Oliver Frese, COO and Managing Director of Koelnmesse: “We are finally back with GamesCom da – in Cologne and online! With convincing tailwind from the games industry. That makes me imbing me. Together we have set a strong concept to the legs, in the course of which we also ensure the safety and health as well as the well-being of all present. “The initiative Gamescom Goes Green is looking forward to the initiative:” We also work for the Koelnmesse, as well as to bring our economic action with society and the environment into balance. This is our drive. “Here it is good to know a strong partner like the game on the side, as well as the exhibitors as well as the visitors. Because it only goes together: “Everyone has to contribute to his contribution. With the pilot Gamescom Goes Green we now put ourselves in terms of climate-friendly fairs with the top – worldwide! “

Interested companies can now compile their stake in and book directly.

Gamescom goes Green: Together Together Responsibility for climate protection

Environmental and climate protection play an important role for the GAMES industry. Whether gaming developers or publishers, (esport-) organizers, educational institutions or service providers from the Games range: they all have long recognized the urgency of the topic. The organizers of Gamescom are also aware of their responsibility for climate protection and have therefore initiated “Gamescom Goes Green”.

Building on already existing measures – such as free public transport tickets or the Gamescom Forest – Koelnmesse and Game Association want to create climate-neutral medium and long term as a whole by reducing, avoiding and compensating CO2 emissions. Short-term and as a pilot project, Gamescom 2022 is already climate-friendly along three pillars:

  • The core event with all areas responsible for Koelnmesse and Game Association (et al. Exhibit area infrastructure, themed areas, personnel and mobility) is climate-neutral in cooperation with ClimatePartner. The calculated CO2 emissions of the same Koelnmesse and Game Association over two certified climate protection projects: a wind energy project in northeastern Brazil and cleansed stoves in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Visitors can make a voluntary climate protection contribution through a donation or purchase of a “Green Ticket”. The revenues come to the 2020 started and already grown at nearly 20,000m² Gamescom Forest near Bayreuth.
  • Exhibitors can provide a climate protection contribution depending on the stand size. This also supports the climate protection projects together with GamesCom and ClimatePartner.

Further information about Gamescom Goes Green is available at

For the calculation of the emissions arising from the GamesCom core event and the subsequent compensation, the GamesCom organizers work for the first time with ClimatePartner. ClimatePartner is a solution provider in climate protection for companies and combines individual advice with a cloud-based software that is unique on the market. Customers can calculate, reduce CO2 emissions, reduce and balance residual emissions. In this way, products and companies are climate-neutral, which confirms the ClimatePartner label.

Susanne Wölllecke, Head of Sales Germany at ClimatePartner, the Gamescom looks like one of the pioneers in the fair industry: “In climate protection, it is always about the same steps: calculate its own CO2 emissions, reduce, and compensate for remaining CO2 emissions. The event carbon footprint of GamesCom serves as a basis for reduction measures. Remaining CO2 emissions are compensated by certified climate protection projects. It is also exemplary that GamesCom are sensitized both exhibitors and visitors to climate protection and providing the opportunity to engage in climate protection contributions. “