In Control, while you try to go to the Department of Parapsychology during the mission of the Old Boy’s Club, you will arrive at a strange monster of Hiss that tries to make a way through a room. You must go beyond this monster to reach your destination. In this guide, we will show you how to lock it safely.

CONTROL – How to solve the head of the HISS monster in parapsychology, the mission of the Old Boy Club

Because you have no choice but to go beyond the monster, you must lock your safety safely. It can not be damaged or killed, so you have to be faster than that. Start by opening the door and head to the room with the monster. You will come to the right and you should see a golden box at this location. Take this with telekinesia and put it in place above each side of the door, as indicated in the image above.

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Now you want to run in the tunnel below where you threw the box, and go down the hall on the left. This will bring you back to the main area, but on the opposite side. There will be another gold box here. Throw this over the door on the other side. Once again, head in the tunnel below where you have thrown the boxes.

Now comes the dangerous part, you have to wait for the monster to start moving around the wide tunnel towards you. As soon as it happens, run in the corridor on the left and head to the terminal above, just to the left of the door when you go out. Press the button to close all tunnel doors and open the door you need to use to access the next part of the story.

This is not the most difficult part once you are used to the way the monster follows you, make sure you are accurate when you launch these gold boxes.