Like former games of the series, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a fair share of legendary and mythical Pokémon that can be caught. Some of them are considered part of history (especially the last mission – more here), while others are only accessible in the aftermath. Let’s go through the location of every legendary and mythical Pokémon together with its requirements, starting with Manaphy / Phione.

To catch Manaphy and Phione, you have to have Buizel, Mantyke and Overqwil in your list. Once you are there, go to the coastal lands in the evening and swim through the gate. If you hear Manaphy’s voice, use surfing to reach the sea cavity. Game yourself and put yourself together with three Phione Manaphy. Use this opportunity to catch Manaphy, level 50 with skills such as Acid Armor, Zen Headbutt, Moonblast and Take Heart.

As soon as the mission is completed, return to Seaside Hollow to try to catch Phi1. However, it has only one chance to appear, so remember.

How to catch UXIE

UXIE is located in Lake Acuity, but can only be captured in the aftermath when the main story is complete. First go to Survey HQ to get the Mission “The Researcher of Myths”, which leads to Cogita. You will receive the Mission “Plates of the Lakes” and can travel to Lake Acuity North (especially Acuity Caverns) to conquer him. It is Level 70 and has skills such as Tri Attack, Calm Mind, Hypnosis and Mystical Power, so be careful.

How to catch MESPRIT

Also part of the Mission “Plates of the Lakes” is Mesprit, except for you to travel to Lake Verity West (in the Verity Cavern) to face it. How Uxie is Mesprit Level 70 and has skills such as Tri Attack, Calm Mind and Mystical Power. Instead of hypnosis, however, it has recovery, so be prepared that it heals when they suffer critical damage.


How to catch azelf

Azelf, the last Pokémon involved in the “Plates of the Lakes” mission can be caught in Lake Valor North (especially in the Verity Cavern). It is Level 70 as his cohorts and also has skills such as Tri-Attack and Mystical Power, but also masters self-destruct and Nasty Plot.