It seemed as if the VfL Wolfsburg was still somehow at least as a perceived winner from this competitive duel with the SC Freiburg. After an indiscious achievement in the first passage without a score and without will, the team of coach Florian Kohfeldt drove up after the side change and made from a 0: 2 a 2: 2. But instead of a happy end, the next bad defensive donor and the bottom line earned 2: 3 in Breisgau.

Max Kruse, who scored his second goal of the season in the VfL jersey, was once again the Wolfsburg chief critic after the game. “We, said in good German, defended shit,” the offensive man scolded at “Sky” about the defensive behavior of his team, which distributed especially the second and third goals of the most beautiful gifts. “We just do not get such goals,” the 33-year-old annoys, “but we get them far too often. In the decisive moments we are not mindful.”

The complete VfL defense, the defensive triple chain waited in Freiburg with heavy individual mistakes. At 1: 2 started with Sebastiaan Bornauw, which is overwhelmed over and over again with the game building. Now the Belgian sent the ball to the strongly opponent printing Xaver Schlager.

“Maxence and SEB have a lot stood because they are big and strong”

A few seconds and a Freiburger double pass later, the game device in the Wolfsburger Tor -weil, now in the center, Maxence Lacroix was unlucky, and John Anthony Brooks looked at a gracious safety distance, as Vincenzo Grifo sank the ball with two contacts in the air worth seeing.

Lacroix was then at the center of 2: 3 when he defended unscrewing and poor timing against victor scorer Nico Schlotterbeck. Or at least somehow tried. “We did a few things that do not go,” also criticizes coach Kohfeldt, which at the same time strives to promote understanding, especially for Bornauw and Lacroix.

Gladbach's Kruse does the Dortmund defence

“Maxence and Seb are very young players. The work very well because they are big and strong. The boys are 21, the season is not completely trailed past them, I want to take them a bit in protection.” Of course, which is only conditionally appropriate. Especially Bornauw, Last Summer obliged for 14.5 million euros from Cologne, is already in a few days 23.