The SK Rapid was able to win 3-1 on Sunday at Austria Klagenfurt. Yusuf Demir could record his first rapid gate since April 2021.

At the SK Rapid there was many reasons for the away win in Carinthia. From minute ten, the captains were the superior team, which also turned ice cold the first two scoring through Marco Grüll (27th) and Bernhard Zimmermann (35th).

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A transformed trademeter of Turgay Gemicibasi (41.) made the Klagenfurttern again hope before the break. Immediately after the side change, Yusuf Demir could restore the old distance, and Gemicibasi saw yellow-red. Subsequently, the game was through and only splashed in it.

Demir, who stood in the starting eleven, was allowed to cheer his first rapid gate since almost one year. “It’s steadily uphill. We have planned and expected that. Maybe that was the opening for more, “Rapid Trainer Provided Ferdinand Feldhofer at SKY his creative player.

Yusuf Demir: “I’m already hot on the derby”

Feldhofer continues: “Over 90 minutes, it was a deserved victory. We hoped to start in the master group with three points. This will not be easy for the other opponents to win here. Accordingly, we are overjoyed. “

For Demir it was “not our best game”, but “a decent performance”. And he himself? “It was ok. It is getting better and again and I want to refill. I feel good and give gas in training every day, because I want to help the team. “

Thus, Rapid manages the scheduled threesome at the beginning of the master round, which increases the scoring account of the SCR to 18 meter. Thus, the still fifth-placed Viennese are now different with storm Graz and the Wolfsberger AC. Klagenfurt remains with 15 points and thus three counters less rank six.

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On the next matchday, Rapid receives the Austria in the city of City. “I’m very hot. First of all, we have to analyze our performance today. Our fans and we burn on it. Hopefully we will win the derby, “says Demir. AUSTRIA Klagenfurt gets the next chance at Sturm Graz.