After the tight and efforted 2: 1 victory of the MSV Duisburg, Siegtorschützer Orhan Ademi came to the microphone at “Magenta sport” and realized that the zebras “had a little effort.” The guests played the views (Florian Egerer in the 37th minute and René Guder in the 54th minute) on the part of SV Meppen of course in the cards: Then the Duisburg “two deep four squads expected. However, we have such a few games in front of a few Weeks still lost. “

Coach Hagen Schmidt also looked a “funny game in Meppen, with the first half clear on Meppen”. Because to the first place of space, and even partially until shortly before the second, the Meper were the better team. But the two red cards “had to tilt the game,” the trainer arranged the meaning of the two point references.

MSV also in duplicate overnight shaky

Originally it was the plan of the MSV, especially in midfield with the double six of Marvin Bakalorz and Marvin Knoll, to control the game. But over wide routes, the guests did not manage to “make the game closely on the second balls and get access”. Therefore, therefore, the MSV over the complete season of the teeth on the Meppen defensive. The 52-year-old also spoke of the “ass card, with ten against eight to play”.

Fortunately, the performance of the zebras was reached in the away game against the decimated SV Meppen for a threesome in the relegation battle. The victory was one of the many “big points of the past weeks, because you have to settle down there. That’s not our claim, because to dumbling down.” Other important counters can collect the Schmidt-Eleven on the upcoming Sunday in the home game against FSV Zwickau (1 pm).