In the Asian region, Lost Ark has already appeared in 2019, about a month ago Amazon Games as Publisher the MMORPG also provided the rest of the world. After a slightly bumpy start with endless player queues and a bot-plague, the first big update appeared in March. The highlight was the introduction of a new BOSS opponent called Argos. The problem: ARGOS is only available for players who are already in the endgame – In addition, an item level of 1370 and the activation of animal 3 are mandatory.

Now Amazon himself expresses itself to the update in a statement: _ “We made a mistake by bringing out the March update too early after publication. The data we have analyzed together with previously published projects of SmileGate RPG have suggested that a larger proportion of players has already achieved the necessary level to challenge Argos. However, we have overlooked certain variables, such as some player spend more time with horizontal content or the rising prices of materials due to bots and real money transactions. “_

Lost Ark - Massive March Update | New Abyss Raid, Story Missions, Competitive PVP, And More!

Due to the sheer amount of crafting materials that are necessary to achieve Item Level 1370, only a few players have managed to pre-feed in Tier 3. Some of some fear triggered as if to urge the game into a pay-to-win direction. _ “We never wanted players to get the feeling, they have to go through the quests, just to achieve Item level 1370. We thought about making Argos available at the launch, but we found the Abyss Raid as an important Step to bridge the gap to the endgame activities, which still have to appear in the western version of Lost Ark “_, apologies to Amazon Games. SmileGate RPG wants to make it easier for players to achieve the appropriate item level by increasing the rewards for the current and subsequent events.

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