Yoshimoto Kogyo has published the Steam store page of “M-1 Grand Prix to M-1 Grand Prix-Our Ryoko Rang ~” Steam Store page. Yoshimoto Kogyo seems to release action games based on “M-1 Grand Prix” on STeam. According to the store page, the release date of the same work is March 24th.

The M-1 Grand Prix is ​​a tournament that decides the Japanese one young hand graving organized by Asahi Broadcasting and Yoshimoto Kogyo. At the annual tournament, there are entries. Performers who have won the qualifying will battle in the final in December. If you win the winner, 10 million yen will be given as a prize, and you can also expect the prizes from the sponsor and the future career as a performer. It is the largest number of comic contests in Japan.

Yoshimoto Kogyo hosting the same tournament seems to release the game with the theme of this M-1 Grand Prix. As a genre, it becomes a belt scroll type action game. Not only the mana, but also the fist aims at the final stage. We will move forward to the attack and special move, and the fellow exchange system. The final stage is that the strongest comedian is waiting.

Various laughters can be used in this work. At the moment, Madical Lovely, Sysonne, Panther and Tartoi are published as a playable character. Madical Labry is a power style with fighting and hammer. Sisonne is the chain and sword attack main. Panther is a speed style power style and a sunkee. The stuff is characterized by Nata dance attacks and scenes of chainsaw. Each entertainer’s performer is reflected without it. Character graphics are pretty surreal configurations that put the faces of the deposit photo on the body of the dot picture.

Performer appears as an enemy character. STEAM Store images are also a monster, with a monster, and the player is treated as a monster. The explanation of the playable character is also referred to as “and more” and more performers may appear.

In addition, about this work, Mr. Noda Crystal, Madical Laburi, is overseeed. Madical Labry is a champion winner of M-1 Grand Prix in 2020. As mentioned earlier, it appears in this work. Noda Crystal not only works as a comedian but also enthusiastic for game production. His and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Developed in cooperation with an interesting corporation Kayak “Super Noda game Party” records a hit such as sales of 50,000 for the first time of sale. Currently, “Super Noda game World” is being developed. The surreal concept of the minimalum of this work will have such Noda’s sense.

While the “M-1 Grand Prix” material, there are many entertainers who are not related to Panther and Sysonne, and the artists who are not concerned with M-1 appear, and they aim for the final without a comedian, and there are quite a lot of Tsutkomi at present. However, I’m also aiming for Mr. Noda and Yoshimoto Kogyo. Let’s expect follow-up.

Grand Prix Manager gameplay (PC Game, 1995)

“M-1 Road to Grand Prix-Our Tomiko is no longer ringing ~” will be released on March 24 at STeam.

※ In YouTube, various managels of M-1 Grand Prix 2021 are released