Initially, orange symbols denote some tutorials, but later, after the battle with Chaos Advent, side mission will be unlocked. The number next to orange symbols indicates how many side missions are available in this area, often forcing the player to explore additional areas in previous locations.

Do you need side missions

While players can easily go through the game, only performing blue Basic missions Orange Sided missions offer excellent awards. It can also be useful to bring the player’s equipment to the recommended level of each major mission. Each side mission will have detailed information about awards and possible trophies, as well as the main mission. This ensures that the players do not have to spend time on making a lower level missions for the equipment that they do not need.

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The purpose of the side missions can be different, but usually they include the murder of some powerful creature. Dismantling Weapons and equipment are recommended, since the players have a restriction on transfer, and they should not save their low-level equipment. Filtering Gear by Rank is also an effective way to disassemble a large number of equipment.

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Whenever players take into hands a weapon or study new work They can find a tutorial for its recently unlocked work in ??? location in the center of the world map. This places players in the same area as the initial guide on the game, and teaches their mechanics of every case.

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