The 335th Wiener Derby did not find a winner on Sunday. The SK Rapid and Wiener Austria separate with 1: 1. Thus, the violets keep the local rivals in the table of the master group at a distance, but are closely together.

The SK Rapid started strongly into the game, put the Austria with high attack resing under pressure and led earned by a hit by Robert Ljubicic. The Austria in the forward gear, ball gain Rapid, Austria in reverse gear. Fast Bernhard Zimmermann continued the ball on Yusuf Demir, which took off half-lawy from a good 16 meters on the long left corner. Patrick Pentz reached out and let the ball chattle, lyubicic had no trouble and brought the Hütteldorfer (14.).

With the first good attack, the Austria came to the surprising compensation (28th): as previously rapid, the violets conquered the ball high in the opponent’s half. From the left half of the half, Alexander Grünwald gave from Manfred Fischer, who served the falling Matthias Braunöder. At the left fürfereck and face to face with the dulling Rapid-Keeper Niklas Hedl, Braunöder succeeded the ball to the long right corner, where Marco Djuricin enfolted and mixed out of one meter.

As a result, one derby designed at half-time at an eye level with a high intensity, which was drained in the second passage and yet a little more bothered.

Rapid wanted to marginalize the victory over long distances, after 66 minutes, Ferdy Druijf awarded and was blocked by Pentz and Lucas Galvao, after 73 minutes foiled Pentz a Zimmermann chance. Just before the end, the substitute Noah Ohio came to the chance, but failed to hedl. Thus, the two Viennese traditional clubs finally separated 1: 1.

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The table of master group

# Team Games +/- Pkt.
1 RB Salzburg 24 41 33
2 Storm Graz 24 15 21
3 Austria Vienna 24 9 20

Rapid Wien vs Austria Wien 1-1 (the 335th VIENNA DERBY) Atmosphere & Highlights
4 | Rapid Vienna | 24 | 6 | 19
5 | Wolfsberger AC | 24 | -2 | 18
6 | A. Klagenfurt | 24 | -6 | 15