Diving into the online shops new quotas of the PlayStation 5, the joy is great. But behind the RAR sorts offered not infrequently scammers. In March 2021, a Marketplace seller called AMENTICS the PlayStation 5 with a physical drive for just 400 euros. He was below the EIA of 500 euros. And something else was underground: the ratings spoke a clear language, it was a fake offer. Unfortunately, this is not an individual case. Already in February 2020, the Landeskriminalamt Lower Saxony warned against a perfidious mesh. As the news magazine games economy reports, the now is returned. Most recently, it was about a mustard dealer with a chopped account.

ATTENTION as a seller…

The focus of the scammers are not only buyers, but also sellers. That happens something like that: A customer turns to the demand for a product to the dealer. He gets a notification and click on a button that leads to Amazon in his e-mail mailbox. However, scammers copy such e-mails and send messages with counterfeit links. If sellers enter their Amazon access data on the fake website, cybercriminals complete the data and complete the seller from his shop by changing the access data. As a dealer, keep an eye on your account activities, change your password more often and enable two-factor authentication.

… and as a customer

If a customer proposes with a fake marketplace offer, the order will be canceled shortly later. As Gameswirtschaft reports, customers are required to contact the dealer via WhatsApp and to transfer the amount for the PS5 to an account. To point out a fraud, a transfer can be transferred abroad: The IBAN then starts with it what Spain is. Deutsche Ibans start with DE (for Germany). So at the PS5 purchase in the network, always be on the hat and avoid it to properly compliment favorable offers. Do not access anywhere, where the order process differs from the usual process and transfer them directly to the seller. Then the Amazon A-bis-z guarantee does not apply. The Landeskriminamt Niedersachsen also advises to be careful when a business suddenly offers completely different items – a fashion shop thus also has graphics cards or refrigerators on offer.

Amazon Wants Deactivate my $45,000 Seller Account. ????

By the way, the chopped mustard dealer is currently trying to restore its account.