As usual, the Devil 4 development team has just published his blog at the end of the quarter. The previous one was dedicated to the fundamental mechanics of the game, such as booty and talent trees. This time, it is the aesthetics of the game that is shown. In addition to a long blog (in English) of developers, we can bring you very nice images of different environments. Given the format of the images, playing on an ultra wide screen it seems that it should not be a problem.

Diablo environments 4

Quoting developers, Diablo 4 aims to be a dark and low fantasy world. It is with this spirit that a wide variety of places has been developed. Five different regions are planned, as well as hundreds of dungeons. This will combine different popular activities every time: kill monsters, explore and collect booties.

Diablo 4 Quarterly Update March 2022 Environments and Art Showcase
The development team insists that environments will be darker and credible than in previous games. Its objective is that it is credible, not realistic, since it is not a recreation of the real world. The objective is still to offer exotic architectures and objects to players during their exploration of the dungeons and the open world.

The climate will also interfere and enrich the local biome and will present places whose position and evolution in time seems appropriate in a context of dark medieval fantasy. When it rains, puddles are formed, everything gets wet, the atmosphere is heavier. The ambience and light will also be more cared for to offer a real atmosphere. Upon entering a crossroads, you will find a rare refuge and a little heat.

On the other hand, there are also much more arid regions, with dust covering everything, which gives a different palette and sometimes a bit discolored. To represent all this correctly, developers are using new and modern tools to manage light and reflexes with much more realism. The elements are also created at the end to offer a much richer level design.

The world of sanctuary

In addition, developers provided information about different regions and environments, with attachments. The first zone is the SCOSGLEN coast, which effectively includes a coastal part, by the sea, and an inner part, with a transition. The beaches are desolate and covered with algae, decomposition corpses and debris. The fishing villages that struggle to survive in this environment whipped by the weather as the wave and the wind are also an integral part of him.

The following is the Orbei Monastery, located in the Arid Steppes. The Zakarum was once very present, but only the monastery continues to run more or less. It is an area with more or less herbous plains. In general, the environment is also flatter and more regular than others. To offer variety, there are also salted lakes, and other blue, full of alkaline substances, with geothermal wells.

Then comes KyoShad, a chubby and oppressive place, but still serves as a place of shelter for its inhabitants in some places. There is a fortified and strongly defended camp. Once out of the walls and barricades, we approach forests of coniferous and fractured peaks. The city of KyoShad consists of different neighborhoods, but the ghetto with densely concentrated simple shelters is the most important.


The rest of the blog has focused on the dungeons, whose content will be created in a procedural way, as in the previous games. However, features have been added to make them more interesting. There will be more than 150 dungeons, and environments are flexible enough to be used in many places, not only in a dungeon, which allows confusions.

One of the detailed locations is an ancient temple in which corruption is spreading. Bet a lot for terror, and one of the advantages offered by the fixed camera is that it is possible to place items in the background, without running the risk of blocking the field of vision, nor reducing the area where the character can be moved.

Other environments that adopt this philosophy of the game of “Return to Dusk” are the “miserable caves” and the sunken depths. Each of these places has its own atmosphere, a particular atmosphere and its own dangers. With a different approach from terror each time. The goal is not only to offer a huge world, but also a varied world, with rejugability.