Riot Games Redoubles his efforts to renew the old champions of League of Legends and on the next 12.7 patch it will be the time when a few characters receive significant visual improvements. The company’s artists have wanted to focus on some of the most outdated champions and accompany the process of playable renewal with improvements to the effects of skills. A miniature visual rework that maintains intact the model of the characters, but completely renews the particles of its spell launch to fit the new times and meet the criteria of clarity.

Thus will change the skills of Orianna in the next patch

One of those chosen for the next version has been Orianna . The mechanical lady is a character more than correct in terms of playable equilibrium and that has made Riot avoid passing it through the workshop for many years. However, his VFX of her had been very antiquated . Both in terms of clarity and in relation to artistic style, she did not fit the rest of the League of Legends champions. A problem that will become a thing of the past with the new Riot Games settings.

In comparison, the effects will suffer great changes in the particles of it and a recurred in blue for the base model of the character. Next, we collect all changes.

Basic Attack : Added a wake to the projectiles and an explosion of light barely perceptible when impact.
* Q – Attack : Improved the effect that indicates the position of the ball on the ground and the indicator when it hits a champion.
* W – Dissonance : Modified the activation effect of skill, adding electrical reasons.

Orianna Visual Update 2022 - League of Legends
* E – Protect : Now the shield is blue
* R – shock wave : Added a new effect. The edges are shown more clearly and become evident the moment of the explosion. It also creates a yellow electric effect on the affected enemies. In case of being used on an ally, a flash emerges from the ball.

As usual when these changes are carried out in League of Legends, all skills will also be affected. Riot Games will still make adjustments in the PBE during the 12.7 patch cycle, but it has only announced aspects adjustments to the new base model.

Attending to the comments of the community, you may be made by the following changes in the coming days.

  • Most Skins have not maintained the unique effects of the W (order: dissonance) and could recover them before patch.
  • The definitive of the Victorious Skin Orianna lost some unique effects of the R (Order: Shockwave) and could recover them next week before the patch.