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Rockstar announced a new GTA+ promotion for chita gta online

Rockstar Just Dropped A NEW Update With HUGE Changes.. The New GTA Online Update (GTA5)
For players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles, a paid subscription GTA+became available from March 29. The awards for April have already ended, and Rockstar announced the start of a new action – at May. Until the first of June, inclusive, all subscribers for the new service will receive the following intra -game objects for the online mode GTA V:

  • 500,000 game currency.
  • Grotti Brioso R/A car with a gift improvement of Hao’s Special Works.
  • Agency in Rockford Hills for access to DLC tasks “Contract”.
  • A set of free clothes and accessories.
  • Bonuses for awards for assignments to ensure security and sales from the business skends of the night club.
  • And much more.

The GTA+ subscription is valid only for players on the consoles of a new generation, and costs $ 5.99 a month.

Craftton, KAIST Matching Grant 100 million won donation

[Pub Giggs Moon Young -soo reporter] Craepon (CEO Kim Chang -han) made the first matching grant donation in 2022. Of the members of Kraft Tone, Pub Giggs Studio, and 5 Min Labs, 17 graduates from KAIST computed to commit 100 million won.

The Development Fund will be used for ▲ Student Council and Club Support ▲ Designated Faculty Fund ▲ Expansion of Computer Faculty Buildings.

The Craftton Matching Grant donation, which began in 2021, is a method of adding a company -level matching fund to the fund created by the employees who are in office. It was designed to create a voluntary donation culture and create social value.

The donation of KAIST graduates has been combined with donations worth KRW 11.2 billion.

A New Round of 100&Change

“I received a lot of help from my seniors when I was in KAIST, and I thought it was time to get back to my juniors.” I hope it will be used deep. ”

Ryu Seok -young, a professor of computational at KAIST, said, “The hearts of seniors who think of their alma mater and juniors have led to a virtuous cycle of donations.”

“Anyone in Craftton can donate wherever they want through the matching grant system,” said Craepon Matching Grant donor. said.

Animal Crossing: Is Tom Nook actually a disguised person?

Tom Nook makes life difficult for us in Animal Crossing. The nasty capitalist takes us to line and thread (even if he supposedly donates the money) and maybe he will do even much darker things. According to a fant theory, it could even be that Tom Nook is actually not the one he pretends to be. Maybe behind the cute facade simply hides a person.

Animal Crossing fans think Tom Nook is a person in the Tanuki suit, but that’s rather unlikely

That’s what it’s about: According to a fant theory, Tom Nook should not be tanuki, but a person. Even if Tom Nook looks like a raccoon, it is officially a tanuki that is also called Japanese marten dogs. The animals are an integral part of mythology and a popular fabulous figure in Japan. Among other things, they can transform themselves and traditionally have very large testicles that serve as lucky charms and tools (yes, really).

How do you get on it? That Tom Nook is supposedly not a tanuki, but only wears a corresponding cladding, goes back to a statement by the Axolotls Samselt aka Shrunk in Animal Crossing: Wild World. There the psychologist and comedian explains that we would all wear masks. Even Tom Nook, although he would actually have a complete raccoon suit.

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Of course that makes you start -up. Actually, the statement about masks should be meant metaphorically, but the Tom Nook is mentioned here again and the whole thing is carried out so far. To stay in the picture: Why shouldn’t Tom Nook also wear a mask, but a whole suit, if not behind it?

More about animal crossing:

Animal Crossing: Why the Cold Tom Nook is actually a dear guy *
The heart -warming story of Tom Nook, Nepp & Schlepp
Animal Crossing: With this trick your Tom Nook cheats millions of stars

If Tom NOOK goes to JAIL, this happens... (Inspo @rajino201 Twitter)

much speaks against it: Apart from the fact that the statement should be a metaphor, there are simply no reasons within the animal crossing world that Tom Nook should withdraw such a show. Some characters like Sina have known him very long and something similar is nowhere else mentioned. At the moment everything actually speaks for the fact that Tom Nook is actually an animal. Of course, the idea still looks amusing (via: screen edge).

What do you say about it? Do you have such a strange feeling at Tom Nook?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Free-to-Play-Adventure

Gameloft introduced Disney Dreamlight Valley today, an upcoming free-to-play adventure with life simulation.

Fans are invited to create their personal avatar and embark on a magical journey with some of the most popular Disney and Pixar characters.

This summer, players can experience Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of the Early Access by buying a Founder Pack or as an Xbox Game Pass member before the game was published in 2023.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Announcement Trailer
Arrived in the dream world of Dreamlight Valley, the players embark on a magical journey to restore a once idyllic village that is now desolate and full of nightdorns after a mysterious event called “The Forgetting”.

Discover the mysterious secrets that have led you into this new world and explores various worlds that are inspired by classic Disney and Pixar worlds while helping the iconic residents of the village to regain their lost memories.

In this experience, the players meet beloved characters from Mickey & Friends to Disney’s king of the lions, the little mermaid and Moana to Disney’s and Pixars Toy Story and more and make friendships with them.

Immerse yourself in a variety of unique, individual storylines and enjoy activities with some of the most memorable characters in the village. These include preparing delicious Disney dishes on the side of Remy from Disney and Pixars Ratatouille in your own village restaurant, fishing at the fishing spot with Goofy or the cultivation of vegetables from Wall-ES garden bed.

The players will have the opportunity to design the Disney and Pixar villages of their dreams in several unique biomes, from the snow-covered mountains of the Frosted Heights to Peaceful Meadow and beyond- with a wealth of adaptation options for their avatars, houses and villages. The game will offer a constantly growing list of disney princess-inspired ball dresses, Mickey-torn street clothing, frozen-inspired antique kitchen designs and more.

Luigi Priore, v.P. From Disney and Pixar Games, said: “Disney Dreamlight Valley will give our fans the opportunity to write their own story and create their ideal Disney and Pixar life in a detailed world that with characters from some of the iconic Disney stories is populated. We look forward to hearing our audience’s feedback during the development of this title, while we work with the Gameloft team to bring Disney Dreamlight Valley to life. ”

Manea Castet, Game Manager of Disney Dreamlight Valley at Gameloft Montreal, said: “Our development team is a large family of Disney and Pixar fans and put all his passion into the development of Disney Dreamlight Valley, especially in the way how we represent the characters and their storylines. We can hardly wait for fans to take part in early access this summer and to help us bring this new, constantly developing world to be inspired by Disney and Pixar to our enthusiastic community. ”

Disney Dreamlight Valley is to appear as a free-to-play title in 2023. This summer, players can be the first to play in an early access phase that is available exclusively for players who buy a Founder’s pack or are an Xbox Game Pass member.

During the early access phase, the players will be the first to explore the Dreamlight Valley and receive exclusive rewards that they will keep after the game’s official publication next year.

Early Access is published for all supported platforms, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One consoles. The PC and Mac versions are published on Steam, in the Epic Games Store, in the Microsoft Store and in the Mac App Store.

Riot Games enthüllt EDward Gaming LoL Worlds 2021

League of Legends’ Worlds-Skins are always a hot topic, and this year’s year is no exception. The winner of the Worlds 2021, Edward Gaming, has the privilege of having the achievements of his players converted into code, and according to the Splash-Art previously published by Riot Games, they look spectacular. Now the developer has gone further and has unveiled the skins in the game through his public beta environment (PBE).

At the beginning of this week, Riot confirmed that Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Yuumi received this year’s Worlds-Skins selected by Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun, Zhao ‘Jiejie’ Li-Jie and Lee ‘Scout’. Ye-chan, Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon and Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye.

The players of Edward Gaming originally indicated during the press conference after the Worlds 2021 Grand Grand final what champions they wanted to be immortalized, and it looks as if they all fulfilled their wish.

The most delightful part of the skin position process is the skin of Yuumi’s Worlds, which is modeled by Meiko’s cat Raccoon. According to Skin producer ‘Riot Tiny Bun’, support has expressly asked for his cat-like friend to be immortalized in the game. As you will see in your recall animation below, Yuumi is lifted up by ghostly hands and caressed, which-unfortunately we have to admit that we are talking about Yuumi here-is hellish.

World championship skins were unveiled on the PBE ????

DK vs EDG - Game 1 | Grand Finals S11 LoL Worlds 2021 | DAMWON Kia vs Edward Gaming - G1 full game

???? EDG Zoe
???? EDG Viego
???? EDG graves
???? EDG Yuumi
???? Edg aphelios

  • League of legends (@leagueoflegends) 26. April 2022

Since the Worlds-Skins debut on the PBE, it is only a matter of time before they appear on the live servers. The 2020 Worlds-Skins of DWG Kia were released on April 29 last year, so it is likely that Edward Gaming’s skins will arrive at some point at some point or while MSI 2022.

Club for club: What kind of in the Bundesliga

At the top of the top, everything is clear: the FC Bayern is Master, even the next Kicker Weekly gatever cannon can be able to schedule Robert Lewandowski for twelve hits ahead. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann has already announced to use the last three gaming days to help a few talents at dedication. A possible destination after all: The 100-goer mark is still within reach at 92 hits, the self-established Bundesliga record (101, 1971/72) also. In the previous year, the counter had stopped at 99.

Safe for the Champions League qualified is also Borussia Dortmund already. And also for the vice-championship – which had gone to Leipzig in the previous year – nothing more is missing: with eight points ahead of the third Leverkusen, two counters range from the last three appearances, including a guest match with relegated Fürth.

Leipzig still has three goals – Freiburg three direct duels

Bayer 04 Leverkusen has again seen the Champions League since the weekend. Three points and the significantly better goal difference separate the Seoane eleven of the fifth Freiburg – on which they meet on the 34th match day. A victory in direct duel could be enough for a top four placement. However, the sixth Union Berlin also lurked and even the seventh 1st FC Cologne.

The best goal difference after Bayern has currently RB Leipzig . She could still become the trump in the race around the royal class. For the Saxony, it is after the painful 1: 2 defeat against Union Berlin, two points lead to Freiburg, four on Union and five to defend on Cologne. With the opponents Gladbach (A), Augsburg (H) and Bielefeld (A), the well feasible, however, Leipzig has a Europe League semifinal in between – and then the DFB Cup final. As a European League winner, RB would also be safe in the Champions League.

For the Sc Freiburg everything is still in the season finale – from Champions League qualification plus DFB Cup victory to nothing. However, the Europapokal participation in itself can barely relax the Breisgauer: because the lead is six points on the eighth Hoffenheim and because it is seventh for the Europe Conference League. With Hoffenheim (A), Union (H) and Leverkusen (A), SC only plays against direct Europe competitors.

For Cologne, the opponents speak – in Hoffenheim it is also about Hoeneß

Of these direct duels could 1. FC Cologne benefit, which beckons the European Cup Comeback after five years. After three wins in a piece, some FC fan has certainly, which is still missing to fourth place – there are five points, in view of the comparatively weak goal difference (+2) ultimately even six. More realistic are the places five to seven, which – because of the constellation in the DFB Cup – probably, all a Europeanapokal ticket ready. What speaks in addition to the shape for the Baumgart troupe: with Augsburg (A), Wolfsburg (H) and Stuttgart (A) wait a cell cart, which in the case of the VfL and the VFB may already have certainty about her destiny.

The TSG Hoffenheim , in winter still Champions League candidate, threatens to give the recent misery of six winless games to give the European Cup. Even the seventh place is already three points away, and it is still against Freiburg (H), Leverkusen (H) and Gladbach (A). At the game is also Sebastian Hoeneß ‘future: he is still bound by 2023, and it is considered unwritten law not to go into a new season with a coach with a new season.

For the table-minded Eintracht Frankfurt is the focus in the final season weeks no longer on the Bundesliga. The great dream is in front of the semi-finals against West Ham of the Europa League title, which would also be rewarded with a place in the Champions League group stage. Whether that’s good news for the last three league opponents Leverkusen (A), Gladbach (H) and Mainz (A) are?

Eight options for Gladbach – Bochum are missing two points

The 1. FSV Mainz 05 , the liga’s broader Away team, has already securely and no prospects for Europe, at the latest after the 0: 5 in Wolfsburg but still a bit of gutting. And it is known to be worthwhile in the final table TV money.

This is also the last “hard” goal for Borussia Mönchengladbach at the remaining matchdays where Leipzig (H), Frankfurt (A) and Hoffenheim (H) wait. Of course eight to place 15 everything is still possible for the foals – though exactly the pallet, which is purely meaningless.

The VfL Wolfsburg is almost saved. At nine points ahead of the third last Stuttgart, the wolves are already running a point from the games in Stuttgart, Cologne and against Bavaria. The jump into the upper half of the table is still realistic at the end of a turbulent season.

The VfL Bochum is also almost at the goal of relegation – only he would have a completely different status at the promoted one than with the Wolfsburgers. Even if the competition gains consistently, the Bochumers only need a maximum of two points against Dortmund (A), Bielefeld (H) and Union (a). You have not been able to descend directly since the weekend.

Hertha can save himself on matchday 32 – VfB has to look down

Which Bundesliga Club Should You Support? | B/R Football Ranks

In view of the passable goal difference, this also applies to the table-14. FC Augsburg , who can also secure the league remaining on matchday 32. A victory against Cologne would be sufficient – one in Leipzig (33rd) or against Fürth (34th) would alternatively go. Due to the low point distances up, the FCA can also hope for improvements in the TV ranking.

Before the season, the goals were completely different, but if it were over, Hertha BSc would certainly not have any objections. The 2-0 victory against pursuer Stuttgart means: against Bielefeld (a), Mainz (h) and Dortmund (a) at most four points to avert both direct descent and the relegation. If VfB loses against Wolfsburg in parallel, nothing could happen to Berliners with a win in Bielefeld. Then there would also be the two -worst goal difference in the league without consequences.

25. April 202205: 43 minutes

Kicker Weekly Weekly Drive from 25.4.2022

Bayern Munich is masters for the tenth time in a row Master, Werder Bremen wins sovereign on Schalke, the THM Kiel wins the DHB Cup

Kicker Weekly Weekly Drive View of 17.4.2022


Kicker Weekly Weekly Drive from 10.4.2022


Kicker Weekly Weekly Drive from 3.4.2022


Kicker Weekly Weekly Drive from 28.3.2022


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The VfB Stuttgart is where it was already at the end of the first half of the season: on the relegation place. With four points behind Hertha, outstanding games against Wolfsburg (H), Bavaria (A) and Cologne (h) and the form of Sunday, the Matarazzo-Elf must even look down: Bielefeld only has two points less (but that Clearly worse goal difference). At least four points are still needed to have a mathematical chance of direct relegation at all. It is not good news for VfB that Hertha and Bielefeld meet directly on the 32nd matchday. Both cannot win, but they don’t lose either.

The weak Arminia has lost again after the coaching change and no longer stayed in the league in his own hands. With a win against Hertha on Saturday, she would suddenly be fully in the race again. There is also an opportunity against Bochum (A) and Leipzig (H) to climb at least to the relegation place.

And the SpVgg Greuther Fürth ? It will leave the Bundesliga again after only one year. In the season finale, the future second division team still offers two opportunities not to say goodbye without an away win. It still goes to Union Berlin and FC Augsburg.

New World, merger fusion: change seems to bear fruit. But for how long ?

Presque sept mois après sa sortie, la popularité de New World semble s’être éteinte. Un nombre trop conséquent de serveurs, la plupart vides ou presque, a eu raison de beaucoup de joueurs, et les développeurs ont commencé à en fusionner certains il y a quelques mois pour raviver la flamme. Où en est New World après une énième fusion et un évènement autour de Pâques ?

69 996 vues

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

La danse des serveurs

Depuis sa sortie en septembre 2021,New World a fait parler de lui à de nombreuses reprises, et pas toujours en bien. Après un lancement explosif recensant plus de 700 000 joueurs simultanés, et un pic de popularité en octobre s’élevant à pas moins de 900 000 joueurs connectés à un instant t, le MMORPG d’Amazon Game Studios est vite redescendu sur terre. Victimes de leur popularité, les serveurs du jeu n’étaient pas capables de gérer autant de joueurs d’un coup, résultant en des files d’attente interminables, similairement au lancement de Lost Ark ou de Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker. Pour palier ce problème, les développeurs ont dû ouvrir de nouveaux serveurs, ce qui s’est malheureusement révélé futile après quelques semaines lorsque le nombre de joueurs a commencé à diminuer.

La chute démographique a été brutale, et New World est passé de plus de 900 000 joueurs simultanés à 145 000 en l’espace de deux mois, laissant derrière eux des serveurs sous-peuplés voire carrément déserts. La solution des développeurs a été de fusionner les serveurs vides avec les plus populaires pour non seulement permettre aux joueurs d’interagir davantage, mais aussi pour résoudre des problèmes liés aux PNJs, qui s’attaquaient aux villes abandonnées, empêchant les quelques joueurs encore présents de faire progresser leurs personnages. Depuis, la population en Aeternum continue de baisser, avec une moyenne de 20 000 joueurs ces dernières semaines. Le MMORPG d’Amazon a cependant réussi à attirer quelques nouvelles têtes grâce à l’ouverture de serveurs free-to-play le weekend dernier, et il semblerait qu’une nouvelle fusion des serveurs payants commence à porter ses fruits :

Vers un renouvellement de la playerbase ?

L’objectif majeur de cette nouvelle fusion était de maximiser la population sur un serveur plutôt que de voir les joueurs s’éparpiller sur des serveurs quasiment vides. De cette façon, ils pourraient trouver des coéquipiers pour les expéditions, et prendre part à des combats en PvP plus facilement. C’est dans cette optique qu’Amazon Game Studios a décidé de regrouper des serveurs clés dans le monde entier. Vous pourrez retrouver le détail de la fusion des serveurs d’Europe Centrale juste ici :

  • Asgard, Hadès, Hellheim, Fae et Caer Sidi font désormais partie de Abaton

MASSIVE server merges happening TOMORROW in New World, ALL remaining merges at once
* Styx, Antillia, Utgard et Learad ont fusionné avec Aaru
* Lyonesse a rejoint Nysa
* Bifrost, Niflheim, Bengodi et Kor appartiennent maintenant à Tir Na Nog
* Arcturus a fusionné avec Tartarus

Depuis cette opération, le nombre de serveurs francophones est passé de trois à deux (Nysa et Ship-Trap) et pas moins de six serveurs européens sont considérés comme plein. Avec cette fusion et le weekend de Pâques, les serveurs allemands Aaru et Evonium semblent avoir fait carton plein avec plus de 1600 connexions simultanées, et la communauté a l’air d’apprécier le changement. Les joueurs peuvent désormais trouver du soutien pour remplir leurs quêtes assez rapidement, et les guerres de faction ont repris leur cours, rendant l’atmosphère de New World beaucoup plus conviviale qu’elle ne l’a été ces derniers mois. Le seul point noir sur ce tableau est le manque de ressources, puisque les farmers ont tendance à se regrouper à des endroits clés pour faire le plein de matériaux, mais les développeurs devraient pouvoir remédier à ce problème dans un patch future.

Et vous, jouez-vous toujours à New World ? Si vous avez arrêté, comptez-vous refaire un tour en Aeternum maintenant que la population est plus dense ? Dites-nous tout dans les commentaires !

Acheter New World à partir de 39€ sur Amazon

Sommaire de la soluce de New World

This page contains affiliated links to some products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will return a commission. Learn more.


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DOCTOR STRANGE 2: MCUs multiverse still does hers in a new trailer

The time will soon come for Marvel to broadcast his next Block-Buster, the famous DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. In the meantime, the House of Comics gratifies us with a new trailer, frankly short but promising a dangerous universe and that leaves (literally) in all directions.


Dr. Strange, Specialist of the Bizarre

The multiverse is definitely a fashion concept for a few years. In the middle of the superhero, we can quote the excellent animation film Spider-Man New Generations (his very awaited suite has been delayed yesterday yesterday., more information at this address) who has made it its raw material then, afterwards, the tangent adopted by the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe. If it is the Loki series on Disney Plus that has Open the ball for Phase 4, Spider-Man No Way Home has put the subject on the front of the scene last December. With absolutely monstrous commercial success, by the way.

But saying that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is about to explore these in-depth parallel realities and as no other work of the MCU \ – apart from perhaps the WHAT IF series, that we can not know Too much advise you to detect everything from this DOCTOR STRANG 2. To make us understand, Marvel Bombarbe The web of advertisements more or less short and grandiloquent: The last one is central to “experience” Even multivers… and expect to go dizzy. The video is available in our reader above.

a number of clicks and titanic references

If this new film is so long, it is because it promises an adventure at the limits of madness and truffle of spectacular references and returns. The main antagonist can be mentioned, the evil version of Dr. Strange already seen in what if, but also Shuma-Gorath, demon of an extra-dimensional kingdom well known to comics lovers.

Also and above all, rumors do not finish: Professor Xavier, always camped by Patrick Stewart, should actually make his back and, possibly and there, introduce the X-Men in the MCU. The other big corridor noise is about the incarnation of a new version of Iron Man by Tom Cruise, wearing the sweet name of Superior Iron Man. In fact, with the multivers, the possibilities are crazy and almost endless.

In short, a big blockbuster who is likely to talk about him, especially since he is directed by Sam Raimi, the man behind the first trilogy Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire will also make a comedack in the Weaver skin?). See you on May 4 in our French cinemas to get a clear heart.

Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness | Experience


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The MCU radates.

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If you believe Steams sales chart, then the dream of any gamer – Elden Ring on Steam Deck

And again the best thing in Steam on the week was sold Portable PC Steam Deck and Japanese role-playing Elden Ring.
The brainchild fromsoftware is just perfectly on the hybrid console from Valve.

Yes - Valve Really Did Fix Elden Ring PC For Steam Deck!
The LEGO STAR WARS Cubic Adventure presented in two editions: The Skywalker Saga did not have anything from the rating, but Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red suddenly broke through the third line.
Although this is not the only old game list.
1. Steam Deck.
2. Elden Ring.
3. Cyberpunk 2077.
6. Valve Index VR Kit
8. Dayz.
9. Squad.
10. Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Kraftton, News Terminent Mobile Add new content through April update

[Data provided: Craft Tone]

** \ – New firearms’ MCX ‘, attachment’ grenade launcher ‘, mercury’ 독 독 등 등 등 등 등 등 등 등 등 등 등 등

Add an Erangel Map in Extreme BR mode


\ – Ensure an oymours, starting a mini gameplay on the Trojan start island

Craftone said that Mobile Battle Royal has added a variety of new contents to increase the joy of gameplay through April updates.

The contents of the main update are large updates of weapons and items, ▲ Extreme BR, add Eranel Map, ▲ Analmons College College, ▲ Survivor Pass Vol.6.

New weapon MCX additions, including the most powerful performance, has been conducting a large-scale update of weapons and items that will make a big change in action and display. MCX features a fast sparse, a powerful damage, and the enhancement of the enhanced silencer can be attached through firearm customizing, and exceeds the limitations of performance.

DSR-1, the crossbow, also added customization options. In addition to new attachment grenade launchers, 10-scale decker vision, T-RS, which is a doubling radish, is also added, and it also has a new fun of weapons, and a new fun of weapons.

Now, in the ‘Extreme BR’ mode, Eranel Map is also available. When selecting Eranel in Extreme BR, up to 48 players are put into the battlefield with the abrasive initial item, and the last winner in the short time is 15 minutes. ‘Extreme BR’ is a fest face battle Royal mode, and the first line of last January has been responding to many players.

Over the last 16 days, the oymours college cultivation content that caused the hot response to the hot reaction can also be seen through this update. In addition to the oyma entertainment mini game on the start island of Troy, there is a criterion, analusal accessories, and special game reward events, which can acquire an apemonry college, as well as an oyma entertainment skin.

Survivor Pass Vol.6 was also released. The main character of this pass is Marion of Hunters Faction. Marion appeared in the Maltese of the Universe Cinemat of the News Tate Mobile: Troy’s fall, she suggested that she is a major figure of Hunter forces. She is a character who has a big questions. By achieving story missions, you can obtain free of the Costume and Faiskins for free.

In addition, various improvements have been made to improve the gameplay environment and experience such as the clan system, the existing mode improvement.

Park Min-gyu of “We plan to launch a new map of new themes in the near future, and the collaboration with famous companies will continue to continue,” he said, ” I asked you to expect. ” Detailed information on new maps will be released later.

On the other hand, as part of the CJ Fresh Way and IP College, the Sonbang Popcorn Snacks’ New Bang Pangkon is released. ‘New Bang Pangkon’ is packed in a small amount, and sweetness and complaination are rich in the game and are susceptible to snacks. From 25th to CJ Fresh Way Official Naver Smartstore, you can also see some of the food marts.

For more information on , can be found through official homepage .

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