The team around presenter Johannes B. Kerner, expert Michael Ballack, commentator Wolff Fuss and Reporter Thomas Wagner illuminates the events in Qatar about eight months before the kick-off.

Expert: Michael Ballack. Magenta

Particularly exciting: Which opponents will be given to the German national team and what opportunities has the team under the new national coach Hansi Flick? “For me, Hansi Flick is the right man in the right place,” says Wolff Fuss, because: “He has A gift in dealing with people. To convince a gift and give a gift, team spirit. ” He has already provided the proof at the World Cup Triumph 2014 as Joachim Löw’s right hand. And 2020, when he coaches FC Bayern in Lisbon to the Champions League victory over Paris Saint-Germain. “Great tournaments are not always winning the team with the best individualists, but the team, which is particularly special in addition to quality!” The DFB selection has outstanding players anyway, the “Tick more” through Flick Need Germany in Qatar, says Foot.

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