It is almost ten days, the hitherto last game of the FC Liverpool: with a tight 1: 0 defeated the LFC in the FA-Cup Nottingham. Since then, for the players of Reds, but hardly something like a break stood, most traveled to their national teams and completed plenty of games there.

In the Premier League something has happened during this time without playing a game: five changes are allowed from the coming season. Chief Jürgen Klopp spoke at the Game Tag Press Conference before the duel with Watford therefore from “Top News” for all involved. The players go to protect, which must now be in the foreground.

That also wanted Klopp in the case of Mohamed Salah, who lost again against the Senegal and Sadio Mané with Egypt and thus miss the World Cup. Stunk between the two offensive partners, the native Stuttgart, but not after the Africa Cup final, do not expect. Although the situation has been “not cool” in recent penalties.

If you can not scream and sing, please give your tickets please someone else.

Jürgen Klopp

As unsighted because of the “missing regeneration time”, Klopp described the early playing time at 12.30 (local time) due to the many travel and operations of its players. Nevertheless, the team was well prepared. However, the German coach let know that Liverpool will need “the best 12.30-clock atmosphere of all time”. He was clearly addressing the fans and adhered to, “If they can not scream and sing, then give their tickets please someone else and stay at home.”

Although Watford is only 18., Klopp takes the opponent very seriously. Finally, the descent candidate licked blood after the recent success in the league of blood, and the counterparty with the 74-year-old Roy Hodgson has a very experienced such as torn coach.

Alexander-Arnold already trains again – use possible

“Every single voice” of the audience demanded Klopp again. The fans may also cheer on a crowd pleaser: Trent Alexander-Arnold, who had reached a thigh injury a few weeks ago, trained, according to Klopp’s statement, sometimes again and could possibly “actually play”. Just like most of the team, which is supposed to make a hard-to-record opponent in the remote duel with mancity.