Development Platinum Games, Publisher Square Enix Hack & Slash Online Action RPG “ Babylon’s Fall (Babylon’s Fall)”.

The other day, a new weapon species “Great Ax”, new race “Morzam” and high difficulty content “Gauntlet” with the first major update, and this work with increased playback, but March 29 The collaboration event “NIER: AUTOMATA” was started on the day.

Square Enix X Platinum Games tags, and the other day anime, the other day, a collaboration with the world’s popular identity action RPG, which is also a collaboration with the same name with RPG. I will.

# Available in the world view of “NIER: Automata”

At the base, Pascal Village visits, BGM and Pascal’s village are flowing and mood to improve. Furthermore, the overall color taste has also changed like “NIER”.

When you open the quest boat, you can check the “NIER: AUTOMATA” collaboration items.

The collaboration quest that can be played this time is “Financial Post Corps”, “Ritual Corps”, “Festival Passing Corps” . The degree of difficulty up to I to III is provided, and the recommended power is 20, 60, 125 .

In the collaboration quest “Festival Paper Corps”, the field has become “NIER: AUTOMATA” specification, and the atmosphere of the ruined amusement park has been reproduced.

Enemy, machine life emerges mainly, and there are more crown types for amusement park areas. Boss area is a roller coaster hook. Since there are enemies on the stairs, let’s run up.

Another quest has a boss “Edinm” mutant. Somehow I wear Emil head and the persuasion of barrage is great…!

# Get collaboration items in exchange between quest rewards and “gear”!

If you clear the quest, the collaboration item drops. This time, get an initial equipment of 9S and a black pledge. It seems that other white contracts, machine life areas, four-style tactics, pod bars, etc.

“Gear” to pick up in collaboration quest. If you bring this to the pig Marion of sake, you can interchange it with various items such as the appearance that is called the illusion (Cosmetic armor). A2 costume, “Humanity is a glory!” Examples of the examples of. Above all, “Jorha Giftsu-shaped armament: Attack” is a costume created in the FF14 collaboration, so it is a state that does not support the collaboration of three works. It’s too luxurious…!

If you use a pay-up in-game currency “Galas”, you can also purchase a costume of a main character such as 2B and 9S. Coffin cases with the motif of Emil’s face are also available in paid missions that can be purchased during collaboration.

By the way, 2b-like people are standing next to sake maintenance, but they are loud, but they are wearing an illusion.

Depending on the other players at the bases, it will be a temporary fabric of Jorha units depending on the timing. Such a chance is the best part of online.

# Additional additional quests are also scheduled

Two quests of “Ritual Amusement Base Rabbit”, “Ritual Amusement Park Rabbit Heaven”, which can fight with the boss, amusement park rabbit, April 12, 2012, 2022. Because the recommended power is 60,125, it is best to play and give power now. In the main story of “NIER: Automata” in the main story, it is not possible to fight in the first place, and it’s a violent enemy, but it’s a raw enemy with a violent attack power, but it will go wild in this world Um.

This collaboration event “NIER: AUTOMATA” is limited to 17:59 on February 26 (Tuesday). Although there is a difficulty division due to the recommended power, etc., starting from now, the maximum degree of difficulty is also in time. Let’s play! By the way, since the trial version of the STEAM version has also begun at the end of March, I first touched it.

Babylon’s Fall ” is being delivered for 8,580 yen for PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Steam.