Genre: Adventure Developer: Infinite Case Platform: iOS, Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming Release: 21. February 2017 Mental Health Themes: Depression, Fear, Self Two

Even if it may look like this with his cartoon graphics at first glance, Night in The Woods is not a game for children. This is not just because it is available exclusively with English text without voice output, but also processes processes that are typical of the life of young adults. These are told with a certain ease, but also a reasonable portion of seriousness.

Content warning: The articles of Mental Health Week deal with different aspects of mental health and sometimes include examples of negative emotions and unhealthy behaviors that can cause negative reactions in some people. Please be careful with texts that potentially contain triggering topics for you.

* Important note: * If you have depression or self-destructive thoughts: you are not al1. Please get help. For example, in the German Depression Help under 0800/33 44 533 or free advice centers.

That makes Night in The Woods especially

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That’s why it’s about: After thumbding your studies, the Anthropomorphic Cat Mae Borowski returns to her hometown Possum Springs, which is also populated by animal residents.

In the two years, in which Mae was at the university, a lot has changed. Friends in earlier, once more times less, further developed and the city dwellers are fighting with the bad economic situation of a typical, North American small town. Mae itself is not only caught by her past, but also wrestles with failure fear and is in search of her place in life.

Disclaimer Counters / Developer

Night in The Woods is a small masterpiece, but we do not want to spend the difficult story about one of the main managers developers at this point. In 2019, reports to Alec Holowka were publicly made, which contributed both the music and the programming to the game. Several women reported that they were victims of sexualized violence by Holowka. The team behind the game separated shortly thereafter by the programmer, who took a few days later.

Reading, reading, reading, hopping and a few mini-games: Playful Night in The Woods does not have much to offer. The focus is just on the wonderfully narrated story. The gameplay is limited to a handful of simple jump inserts to reach higher location, and mini games.

Especially the latter, however, are beautifully inserted into the atmosphere, whether you play in the style of Guitar-Hero Bass, to practice accuracy when smashing neon tubes or inconspicuously.

That’s how the game goes with the Mental Health theme

The outsider Mae is plagued by self-doubt and fears. That she lives with her parents, not necessarily improves their situation. Nevertheless, she tries to process its experiences in the best possible way. Especially since you have recommended a (not necessarily good) therapist, to lead diary into which you scribble all your thoughts and experiences, and so at least in the approach.

While Mae still honests with adult, her old friend has evolved in Possum Springs. You have jobs, run relationships and take responsibility. They take Mae back in their midst and attempt to help them in conversations and in recreational arts such as department store visits or tape samples to help work their inner conflicts and their past.

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For whom is Night in The Woods interesting?

Anyone who does not bother that the majority of Night in The Woods consists of reading English texts will have a nice experience with the game. The dialogues are a realistic and funny written and let players feel positive as well as negative feelings. Speed up is the whole thing with some entertaining and nice packaged mini-games. The cartoon graphic does not like to meet every taste, but delivers atmospheric images thanks to the successful lighting mood.

Your Schizophrenia - (С​)​Нежное Одиночество (2022) (Full Album)

What do we like, what not?

Night in The Woods is a wonderfully written, small adventure with a lovable protagonist. Our Pro and Contra table shows what has us more and what has liked us less:


  • __Toll written story
  • __ many moments that stimulate laugh, crying and thinking
  • __There is a lot to discover
  • __ beautiful cartoon artwork with great music silence


  • __Nur available in English and without voice output
  • __Spieler very easy

Conclusion of the editors

Michael Beck
@ bossinsky

Night in The Woods leaves with me, due to the situation described in the Disclaimer, an ugly taste. However, the story of the game was created by two other people. And this story is that, in combination with the lovable characters, Night in The Woods and have touched me emotionally. Mae is always remembered as one of the most sympathetic video game production.

An important request: Since our articles from the Mental Health Week are more sensitive topics that have partially requested us a lot while writing, we ask you for a friendly and understanding comment culture at this point. Thank you and have fun reading!