As the food order using the delivery app is daily, we witnessed the transfer rider on the car throughout the periphery.

Although there is a voice of the citizens’ complaints of citizens in untransported or silent delivery, there is a voice of a hit-and-run, but the act of “delivery Hero”, such as a hit-and-run or suppressed the fire, and is a warm impression.

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■ Apartment fire initial suppressed ‘Wiring Rider’ Topic

According to the 4th related industry, in the sake of the last month, in the Yangtae-dong, Yangji-dong, Hanyang Apartment, one delivery rider discovered the fire that was started in the apartment flower bed during food delivery, and the fact that the fire extinguished and suppressed was a topic. While the floating population was a little bit of a small night time, it was a big fire, but Mr. Kim, who was a delivery rider, was a delivery rider, This fact was known to the residents while sharing the fire scene photographs and hero delivery riders to the apartment community with the delivery article at that time. This fact was known through the press, and a few days could have been found to be Kim Seong-hyun, a rider who was a rider. The apartment residents representative conferencing expressed a gratitude to Kim Sung-hyun and expressed a gifts and thank you.

As a “I do not have a great deal, thank you for the first time,” I am aimed at the first time, “he said.” I added a holiday.

** ■ Mok-kilo makes a granny, and “Moses’s miracle” ambulance length,

The leading riders of the delivery riders are not only.

Last month, in the past month of Gyeonggi Province, the triumph, Two major motorcycles were blocked in the front of the car. I know that the motorcycle driver’s delivery riders are committed to the cane and stopped the way to ensure that her grandmothers are safely crossing the crosswalk. The appearance of riders who have gathered her grandmothers to the end of the crossing sidewalk is in the black box video. Nurizens showed that “If you have a minute like that guy, you would be better to live in the world.”

The leading of delivery riders called ‘Moses’ miracles’ is a topic. In June 20, the Rider in Ulsan, a rider, was ahead of the spectacles, and ahead of a motorcycle, ahead of a motorcycle, and the roads were known through the press coverage. At that time, ambulance was to take a paint work and was headed to a hospital. The Eastern Eastern Fire Station in Ulsan has passed a gratitude to this rider, and as a delivery agency, and I have passed a prize and a prize for a prize.

In addition, there was a way to show the warmth to each community in each community, including the accommodation and a prize of the aged herb riders who lose the consciousness of the convenience store and the conscious driver, Furthermore, we are also adding to the social contribution activities in the region, such as providing snacks to vulnerable teens in the delivery area hub.

The delivery industry official said, “The delivery of delivery orders, and the delivery of the delivery of the delivery, while the delivery of the rider has not been able to catch up with this. “But among the delivery riders, there are many people who play a role in the prior to each region. I also explained that there is a lot of efforts to make more efforts to make safety driving and friendly customer response than before.

■ Community Keeper ‘Delivery Rider’ Cheer Campaign is also open

Unlike the vision of negative society, cheering for delivery riders that look forward to the exemplary, and the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of the purpose of more riders will take the power of praise and provide a more safe and friendly service. Campaign participants are admitted to Corona 19, and thanks to the difficulty of going out, and thanks to the delivery riders, they are grateful to make it possible to eat comfortably at home. We also hoped to drive their safe and supported stable work environmental composition.

Child Net Korea will be able to send a ship to the delivery food-related portal news by the 11th of the month, and select the excess of the user who authenticates to the campaign page to present prizes such as Galaxy S22 +. The campaign topic is a ‘warm word’ (I have).

This campaign is to preach the message of cheering to riders who have a good memory or experience in the delivery rider, or to the risk of safety accidents. Naver, the following is a method of searching for a comment window after searching for major news related to delivery service (delivery app, delivery agent, etc.). You can capture the Sun and authenticate the campaign page on the campaign page.

When leaving a sun on the news comment window, you must put the phrase in the campaign stands at the beginning of the sentence. It is possible to participate anywhere on the media news sent to the portal. There is no limit to the number of campaigns.

After the end of the event, select an excellent work ▲ Galaxy S22 + (1 person) ▲ Apple watch 7 (1 person) ▲ Airpot (3 people) ▲ We present 50,000 won coupon (50 people). Detailed campaign contents and participation can be confirmed by clicking on the top of the Judinnet Korea homepage ‘Get Campaign’, or in [☞ Campaign Page].

In addition, campaigns include Naver, Kakao, Sijeon Platforma, Kupang, Yogi, and Delivery of the National Delivery Absa, Baroto, Mesh Korea, Magin Plus,