Nintendo Kirby has officially won a Grammy Award. Well, technically, Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman won a Grammy Award (Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Capella) as part of the 64th Annual Delivery of the Grammy Awards for his “Meta Knight’s Revenge” arrangement of the 1996 video game. Kirby superstar. This is not the first time that videogame music wins a Grammy, but it is only the second time after the Best Arrangement, Instrument and Voice of 2011 for a relaunched version of Civilization IV is “Baba Yetu”.

«Shit that we won the Grammy !! Long live the music of video games !! » Shared pink on Twitter after victory. “Thanks to everyone who once heard [The 8-bit Big Band] all the artists who have contributed their time / talent and, of course, thank you very much to my co-arranger, the only one [Button Masher] !! LOTS OF LOVE!”

If you are curious about the specific song you won, you can listen to “Meta Knight’s Revenge” by The 8-bit Big Band (with Button Masher) below:

2022 It is becoming a pretty good year for the Kirby franchise with the recent launch kirby and the forgotten land for Nintendo Switch obtaining a 4.5 out of 5 in our own review. “The developer Hal Laboratory has set a lot of care and effort in this game, offering a convincing entrance with a lot to see and do,” is read part of the review. “It took me more than 10 hours to complete the main campaign of the game, but at that time it only had a 62% end. The duration is not important if there are no incentives to continue with the game, but Tear forgotten is so charming that players will want to spend more time looking for all hidden secrets. With exuberant graphics, funky gameplay and a lot to see and do, Kirby and the forgotten land is a mandatory game for the series fans, or anyone who has ever wanted to try a Kirby game ».

As noted above, Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman recently won the Grammy Award for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or Cappella at the 64th Annual Delivery of the Grammy Awards for the song «Meta Knight’s Revenge», played by The 8-bit Big Band (with Button Masher)., from the 1996 video game kirby superstar. In general, Nintendo continues to launch Kirby videogames with kirby and the forgotten land for Nintendo Switch that was launched this year. You can check all our previous Kirby coverage in general here.

Meta Knight's Revenge - Fusion Big Band version ft. Button Masher
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