After spending a lifetime at Bend Studio, Jeff Ross has just announced that I joined Crystal Dynamics as director of design. The Oregon man will move this summer to Seattle to get closer to his new team, Crystal Northwest, but can not reveal what project it is affected.

Jeff Ross may have joined the team in charge of the next Tomb Raider, which Crystal Dynamics has just started development with the Unreal Engine 5 engine, as announced yesterday. But it can also be part of the team in charge of doing something from the Perfect Dark license, finally too complex file for the only studio the initiative, which is now supported by Crystal Dynamics. Another solution, Jeff Ross could have been assigned to another project still not announced in the Square Enix studio. The man benefits in any case to relay the many posts to be filled at the studio.

Days Gone Director Reveals Insane Sales Figures Causing Fans to Question Sony's Rejecting of Sequel
Bend Studio veterans already at the time of Syphon Filter, Jeff Ross and John Garvin had announced their departure in December 2020. If the creative director John Garvin had actually been ejected from the studio a few days after the exit of Days Gone in 2019, the Director Jeff Ross had remained to try to sell his vision of a Gone Days 2. This will not, however, make its way, so Bend Studio is today at work on a new license in open world. After leaving Bend Studio, Jeff Ross made him talk about him on social networks, unfolding the lack of recognition of his game compared to other exclusives Playstation better hosted by criticism, like Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima.