Microsoft has revealed the last game list that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass in the first weeks of April 2022. Near the beginning of each month, Xbox usually presents a wide range of games that will soon be directed to Game Pass. However, as for this month, Microsoft has announced that 10 titles will be added in total to the platform, which is more than we are used to seeing.

As of today and until April 14, Xbox Game Pass will get 10 new games in total. All these games will be available for Game Pass on several platforms, such as Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PCs and cloud-enabled devices. Given the large number of games that come to the service, these new additions are also from many different genres, which means that there is enough variety in the list of titles this month.

Here is the full list of games that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass in the coming days along with their launch dates:

  • _ cricket 22_ (cloud and console) – Available today
  • MLB The show 22 (Cloud and Console) – Available today
  • Detective Detective Agents (Cloud, Console and PC) – April 7

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  • Dragon 2_ (Cloud) – April 7 **

  • _Plantas vs zombies Garden War (Cloud) – April 7

  • STAR WARS: Squadrons (Cloud) – April 7 **

  • The life is strange: true colors (cloud, console and PC) – April 12

  • Cuerpo Panzer 2 (PC) – April 12 **

  • The Mazmorra de Naheulbeuk (PC) – April 12

  • Erd in chance (cloud, console and PC) – April 14 **

It is worth noting that there are many titles that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass this month and that are published by Electronic Arts. As such, these games are only available through EA Play, which is something offered only to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. So if you want to play daughter of the dragon 2, plants against zombies, Star Wars: Squadrons or _ SPARDED IN THE ROWAR_ You’ll have to be a member of Game Pass Ultimate.

What do you think about this list of new games that will arrive at Xbox Game Pass? Does this mean a good start for the month of April at Game Pass? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.