PlayStation offers a massive discount on almost all games you have launched for PC. In recent years, Sony has slowly brought more from its exclusive PlayStation to PC platforms. Now, for the first time in a long time, PlayStation Studios is performing a sale that reduces most of these releases by 50% or more.

In total, PlayStation has marked four important games for PC until April 17. These games include dias, -edition of Horizon Zero Dawn_, edition Helldivers Dive Harder and Dempress: Hunting cues. In the case of _helldivers and Depreader All attached downloadable content packages that also launched after the launch of each title also received significant discounts.

Although this list of PlayStation titles covers almost all Sony pc releases, there are some that have been omitted. In particular, this year’s release of dios of the War in PC is not included as part of this promotion. However, since the game has only been available for a couple of months, this should not be a big surprise.

It is also worth emphasizing that this sale is only available at the Steam de Valve market. Although PlayStation has launched many of these same PC games that are on sale at EPIC Games Store, Steam is the platform that is making this promotion.

For more information about each PlayStation game that currently has a discount on Steam, along with your current values, you can continue reading below. On the contrary, you can find all the sale by itself right here.

past days

«_ Past_dies, it is an action game and adventures of open world set in a hard wild nature two years after a devastating world pandemic. Ponte in the skin of the former out-of-the-brewed motorcyclist St. John, a hunter that tries to find a reason to live on a land surrounded by death. It goes through the abandoned settlements in search of equipment to manufacture valuable objects and weapons, or arrieve with other survivors who try to earn a life to harsh penalties through fair trade… or more violent means. “

Price: $ 24.99


Full edition of Horizon Zero Dawn

“Experience all the legendary mission of Aloy to unravel the mysteries of a world governed by mortal machines. A marginalized from her tribe, the young hunter struggles to discover the past of her, discover her fate… and stop a catastrophic threat to the future. She unleashes devastating, tactical attacks against unique machines and rival tribes while exploring an open world full of wildlife and danger.

Horizonte zero dawn is a multi-prisoner winning action role play, and this -edition for PC includes enormous expansion _ Frosted forests_ with new lands, skills, weapons and machines ».

Price: $ 24.99


PREDADOR: Hunting preserves

“Hunting or hunting on this asymmetric multiplayer shooter facing the man against Predator. As part of a Fireteam, complete missions before Predator finds you. Or I know the predator and hunt your prey ».

Price: $ 11.99


Helldivers Dive Harder Edition

«Helldivers is a hardcore, cooperative and two-way shooting game. As part of the elite unit called helldivers players must work together to protect Super Earth and defeat the enemies of humanity in an intense intergalactic war. “

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Price: $ 4.99