Kingdom Hearts IV was officially announced, and, of course, the fans of the series are looking forward to the output of the next part on the consoles. The release date is still unknown, but we showed us a new world in which the game will occur, and part of the new story. What is Lost Master Arc?

Arch of the Lost Masters The narrative direction that will take a new game , exploring what happened to Sorrow after the end of Kingdom Hearts III with Ksenahanort. At the moment, little is known, however, considering that KeyBlade owners can become masters, it is most likely due to either with their own losses of the Sora, or with the master they are looking for.

At the end of the trailer, it is shown as Donald and Gofi are looking for some1. First, we think that they can hunt the saterle, but the figure appears from the darkness and scares them. It may be a lost master mentioned in the title. You can watch the trailer below:

Of course, at the moment there are many assumptions, so we will follow new news and information about the game. At the moment we just know that KH4 is already on the way, and that we are delighted with him!

Kingdom Hearts IV Announcement trailer “Lost Master Arc.”

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