Brushing my mouth, check out and learn from it: So the motto is likely to be the FC Pesch after the 25th matchday. At FC Hennef, the MeyBodi-eleven experienced a first half to forgotten and finally came with 0: 6 under the wheels. The FCP, visibly overwhelmed by the offensive power of the Haarl, acted completely from the role in the first round, so that the game was decided after 45 minutes. The Tor Route opened Iohara with a stiff shot after only eight minutes. It was followed by chance on chance, hits for hits. Hennef whirled mercilessly through the defense rows of the guests. So a corner, inked by Hannes Viehweger, led to 2: 0 (10th). A little later, rattle-based Okoroafor set in scene, which increased to 3: 0 (27th). Before the pause whistle – who came to this time more of a salvation for the dizzy played guests, Lo Iacono (36.) and Klapferich (38.) were also allowed to enter the scorer list. Only a few minutes after restart, it looked like it would become a very bitter afternoon for the guests. Already in minute 49, the households set up exactly where they had stopped at halftime and made half a dozen fully in person of Carratala Jimenez. Whether from compassion or load control, as a result, the FCH took the foot of the gas and switched on, two, if not three gears back, but without losing control of the game.

The FC Hennef thus remains in lacing rank two of the table. With six points distance to the top Hennef must hope for a Patzer of the 1st FC Düren to get a better starting situation in the ascent race. This did his homework at 3: 1 against SV Deutz but also keeps the Glatzel-Eleven at a distance.

Cheeky SV Breinig

Even if it will no longer go too much for the SPVG perch 20 this season – in the table, the Özbay ELF is in the secured table agent field and should have nothing to do with both up and downs – the success of the success of Kardan, Wilsdorf and Co. not satisfied. Against the Kellkind SV Breinig, the spreadsheet showed a great idea and won clearly with 6: 1 in the end. After a ridge, it did not look at first. In the 5th minute, guest actor Petter brought his team with his first goal of the season in front. The right answer did not wait for a long time. In direct return, Wilsdorf turned a faulerfeter to 1: 1 and before the break, Kardan steered the game with his hit to 2: 1 in the desired direction. After the side change, it went very fast. Only two minutes after restarted Lamers made for the preliminary decision. But he was still not enough for this afternoon. With his hits number two (59th) and three (90th) Marcus Wilsdorf named one’s doubt about the MAN OF THE MATCH.

In the relegation fight, it remains exciting, even because three of the four main players played draw. Blue-white Friesdorf separated with 1: 1 from Siegburger SV, as well as the VfL Alfter from the SC Fortuna Cologne II. Something Torreicher went to the VFL Vichttal. In the duel with the strongly releged SV Eilendorf, the VFL came back twice after a residue and thanked the late balance in the fourth minute of the injection time with a little luck a point, which could still be gold value in the relegation battle. The winner of the game day was the FC Hürth, who could exploit the undecided wave of competition and even make meters in the relegation fight. Against the Viktoria Glesch-Paffendorf, the FCH won just 2: 1 and thus built his upholstery on three points.

Hans Wilsdorf: The Rolex Story - Founder, Facts & History | Bob's Watches

Otherwise, the 25th matchday no longer brought any surprises. Tiled light Wesseling-Urfeld conceded the 13th bankruptcy in Freundenhoven at 1: 3 in Freundenhoven and drives straight to the descent. Meanwhile, Bergisch Gladbach strengthened third place with a 2: 1 working victory against Vikoria Arnoldsweiler.