At MediaMarkt, there are today the 4K TV LG OLED A19 with stately 77 inches in the special offer. So far, the model at MediaMarkt cost 2.299 euros, now you pay only 1,777 euros. According to information on comparison platforms, there were the OLED TV, whose RRP is 4,699 euros, in this size has never been so cheap. Here you come to the deal:

LG OLED A19 (4K, 77 inches) instead of 2,299 € for € 1,777 at Mediamarkt

It is a daily offer, which is started at 9 o’clock this morning and runs until 9 o’clock on Tuesday morning, unless it is sold out. The shipping is exceptionally free.

What does the LG OLED A19 offer?

Image: The LG OLED A19 is a variant of the 4K TV LG OLED A1. This in turn is LGS cheapest OLED TV from 2021. Image quality is still excellent, not least, of course, due to the OLED technology with its perfect black and infinite contrast. With the more expensive LG OLED B1 he can almost keep up, compared to the even more expensive LG OLED C1, he cuts slightly weaker due to the slightly weaker processor and lower peak brightness.

Gaming: In contrast to the LG OLED B19, the A19 has only a 60 Hz display and therefore no correct HDMI 2.1. So you also remain limited with the PS5 or Xbox Series X to a maximum of 60 fps at 4K resolution. Apart from that, the model is well suited for gaming. It has a low input was around 10 ms and via Allm (Auto Low Latency Mode). When gambling on the console, the TV automatically switches to the lowest latency mode.

LG OLED A19 (4K, 77 inches) instead of 2,299 € for € 1,777 at Mediamarkt

Further information about the LG OLED A19 and how he proposes to competition, you get in our big TV purchase advice:

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