After ten years of good and loyal services, it is soon the end of the way for tera, this massively multiplayer RPG that had stood out by its design at the time of commissioning. For those who would like to give him a final tribute, be aware that the waiters will be cut on June 30 from 10am, French time.

Tera Online Shutting Down Servers This Summer

As explained by Gameforge community leaders in a message posted on the official website, the developers of Bluehole made the decision to stop the follow-up on Tera. The team based in South Korea has indeed felt that it was no longer able to renew enough the content of the game after all these years. As a result, the game will be entitled to some permanent events for the remaining few weeks, before breaking down.

The recording of new accounts and the possibility of buying Thalers TERA – the currency in-game \ – will be disabled on 31 May 2022. It will nevertheless be possible to spend the balance until the closure of the servers, but no refund n ‘Is planned for purchases already d1. Nevertheless, for the members of the Tera Club whose long-term membership extends beyond June 30, it is possible to contact the support team to obtain a partial refund. Developers obviously thank players for their loyalty, while stating that channels like social networks will be closed shortly after closing the service.